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OC Register: Tyler Skaggs died of fentanyl, oxycodone, alcohol mixture, coroner says

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If you're going to self-medicate with painkillers, you don't mix 6 or 7 drinks in with it, and heaven forbid, you don't go near fentanyl which is deadly in the tiniest visible amounts.

I'm guessing he didn't know he was taking fentanyl as it was mixed in with the Oxy that was illegally supplied to him by the unnamed Angels employee.

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1 hour ago, krAbs said:

I can't imagine how painful it would be to know that this is out there about a close family member. Especially if this really was out of character for Skaggs. Dealing with the fact that everyone thinks he is someone who you know he isn't...god...

I hate hearing this. NO one knows if this is in their character or not until you have had pain and experienced it on a day to day basis. The guy was probably in pain and was trying to get by. This is just super unfortunate but once opioids become taken frequently, you are addicted. RIP

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I'm not judging Tyler by any means nor do I think this situation in a vacuum makes him a bad person,but I don't understand a lot of the sympathy towards him either.

On the surface this looks pretty bad first night of a road trip in a big party city dressed like a cowboy and drinking heavily while taking pain medication,whether it was for recreational use or pain management.

If he was legitimately dealing with pain than he wasn't dealing with it in a responsible or professional manner with the alcohol.

Also I feal for his family but if they're looking for someone to blame or to possibly profit from this situation than my sympathy doesn't run real deap for them.

The guy had everything to live for but he was a human being and just a kid, so while I'm not judging I'm also not shedding any tears.

Maybe I'm just a mean SOB!


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