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first time in vegas next week

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staying on the strip with a friend who's also never been. 3 nights at Vdara

looking for tips. stuff like good places for happy hour, best bars for playing video poker,  good food, etc.  

budget is about $150/day for each of us for food and drinks. don't care to use public pools. 

yes, i know about the grasshopper infestation going on right now. 

thanks ahead of time, vegas experts

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Someone is going to die.  

So you got options.  Video poker at bar means free drinks.  So every hour is a happy hour.  Every casino has them.  I've never gambled at Vdara, but I'm sure it's upscale.  Same with Cosmo next door.  So those bars should be nice.

If you want to go tourist.  Personally I don't think that side of the strip has as much tourist sites.  Tourist traps, but not touristy stuff.  Although if you are a hockey fan, you might want to check out the Knights arena by NY NY.  

There is a tram at Park MGM/Vdara that will take you to Bellagio.  I'd suggest you take that to really go to the middle of the strip.  Bellagio, Ceasars, Venetian will have the best bars.  

Bellagio will also have their indoor gardens area decorated.  It'll be between the tram station and the casino, so you shouldn't miss it.  Bellagio also has the fountain show in the evening that's worth seeing once.  Bellagio also has one of the better buffets.  

If your friend is a chick, then dinner at Eiffel tower at Paris overlooking the fountains is supposed to be nice.  Giada's at Cromwell also overlooks the fountain's.  While the food is not as good.  I do enjoy the view at the Statosphere restaurant at the top.  It's restaurant is rotating, so you get a view of the entire Vegas valley.  Probably should get reservations at all of those places if going. 

Ceasars has their forum shops where you can walk around in A/C during the day and shop.  Haven't really eaten there, but there are places.  

Across the street from Ceasars is the Linq street or whatever they call it.  Plenty of restaurants there, including In-N-Out, some gordan Ramsay places, and standards like Yard House and Tilted Kilt if you want to get away from the casino vibe and catch a game.  

If you go down the street a little more, you'll hit Venetian.  Some nice restaurants in there.  Whatever gondala rides if you want to hit them.  Next to them I forget their sister casino.  But it has Legase stadium.  Which is pretty much a restaurant/sports bar that let's you gamble on the games.   

Outside of those places.  You should hit downtown.  Plenty of cheap bars there, with a bunch of Casino's next to each other.  In the evenings, they have bands playing at different stages on the street and you'll have the Freemont Experience show overhead.  

Food wise, it's a pick em in Vegas.  You can find whatever you want there.  If you want suggestions, narrow your selection down.  I.E. steakhouse, burgers, etc.  

Also drink wise.  You can take drinks onto the strip anywhere.  Downtown anywhere as long as it's in a plastic container, no glass.  

Really you need to specify what you want to do outside of video poker and drinking if you want specific places to go.

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There’s a hotel with a volcano that erupts every 15 or 30 minutes. It’s worth seeing once.

theres a huge M&M’s store on the strip.

theres a minor league baseball team in town, the 51s(?) and they might be in town.

Gold & Silver Pawn is in a really crappy area on the strip, but if you like the tv show, it’s worth seeing the store. About half the things for sale inside are t-shirts with their pictures on it and a bunch of water bottles and mouse pads. 

They have some kind of outdoor mall/factory outlet place for shopping. Don’t know the name but I think it’s near Caesar’s.

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2 hours ago, Tank said:


They have some kind of outdoor mall/factory outlet place for shopping. Don’t know the name but I think it’s near Caesar’s.

That's the Linq whatever.  Between Flamingo and the Linq.  The most convenient place for Nate to get an Double Double.

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good stuff so far, thanks

we're staying at vdara, and aren't interested in any shows this time around. 

not interested in table games, but will be budgeting $500/day total for video poker and slots...looking for the nice-ish casino floors, i guess.

things to do anywhere on the strip would be nice. we prefer to eat at bars and lounges that are attached to nicer restaurants, any food goes. i'm usually not into fancy/noveltly cocktails, but he is. we were looking at the dueling pianos thing at NYNY, but we're not sure it's worth the price for a table. things like that.

thinking about heading to fremont st one evening, but not sure. 

we just saw that there's this thing called Fat Tuesay's that looks kind of interesting as far as walking the strip with booze. 

i know i'm all over the place here. i'll probably be able to ask better questions when we get back. right now, we're thinking about going back in december.

oh, and  @ten ocho recon scout i'm from the west coast, but all 4 years i was stationed in virginia for my school, then cherry point, nc for the rest. i went to vegas with my parents a few times when i was under 12, and don't really remember anything. 


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I’ve stayed at Cosmo the past three times, usually stay at the Aria. That whole City Center area is nice and clean.....high end visiting.

As mentioned, drinks are free when you gamble. Order them at the table or play at the bar and they’ll serve you drinks as you play.

Cosmo has two of my favorite food joints. They built what I can only surmise as a good court and there is a place there called Hattie B’s which is a Nashville got fried chicken joint. It’s legit. On the third floor where the chandelier is located is what’s called “secret pizza”. You can Google it as well, but there’s basically a hidden hallway that opens up to a quaint pizza joint. To this day still the best pizza I’ve ever had. You can’t go wrong, but they do this “white pizza” that is really next level.

If you’re on a budget for gambling the only issue with the nice places is that they normally don’t go below $25 a hand. It adds up quickly as I think the last time there we dusted $8k for the weekend.

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10 hours ago, fan_since79 said:

There's an outbreak of swarming grasshoppers. I mean millions.

Really. All over the news.

i addressed it in my opening post

i've seen pictures and videos.  i'm okay withkind of have to be unless i want to eat my plane ticket. 

they don't bite or cause disease, and i've seen people live tweeting from vegas who say it's not nearly as bad as the media make it out unless you plan on hanging out all night in luxor's skybeam. 

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the great thing about going to Las Vegas the first time is just be a tourist. Go walk through some of the hotels and marvel at what they've done. Caeser forum shops are pretty incredible the first time you see them. Same with some of the other places. It's almost borders on the ridiculous what they've imagined and built. 

You don't even have to spend a ton of cash, just walk around and look. You don't like public pools...no problem...but go to the rooftop of Cosmpolitan (or is it Arya) and have a drink at the poolside bar. Go to Rio's rooftop bar and grab a drink at night...great view of the downtown strip.

And have your phone with you, because it's easy to get lost in some of those places...easy to find your way into a casino...but somehow tough to find your way out.

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Just now, Adam said:

I can't wait until November. I'll get to see @DowningRules and "date chick" again at the Breeder's Cup!

Really?  I never met him, even when he walked past me, I was with family (well now she is family), and I wasn’t 100% positive it was him, so I sent him a message on here to confirm.  I really miss reading his stuff.  He is truly the most gifted writer this board has ever had.  No offense @halothunder.  

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