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Where were you when the Angels won Game7 in '02


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We couldn't get tickets (even tried to get em in Frisco), so we went to "Out Of Bounds" in Huntington Beach.  The game seemed to be a fore-gone conclusion after the historic Game6 rally, and the place was packed.  We scored a booth for our party of 5 or six, and I jumped-up and danced on the table after Ersty put away the final out!


"Flyball, centerfield..Erstad says he's got it; the Anaheim Angels are the Champions of baseball"- as my Halos bottle opener likes to say...


I wanna hear some good stories!  Especially about how loud it was in the stadium, with random high-fives, hugs, and kisses..

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Dave and Busters in Ontario/ Getting kicked out of Dave and Busters



It was a double dip where the buddy I was living with and I wanted to watch the game, but some chick he was talking to wanted to go out. So we went there to watch the game and the girls were meeting up after.


Now, we weren't 21 until a couple months so we ran into trouble as they wouldn't let us in because of age. So we snuck around back and entered through the video game portion and found a little inconspicuous corner booth in the bar area. All rationale says just shut up, stay quiet, and just watch the game. But no, I got the grand idea to go to the game section and grab an empty beer from one of the games then walked up to the bar with confidence and did the beer nod and started drinking and getting us beers. This gets me kicked out as one of the security guys saw me making rounds at the bar, luckily I didn't have beers just that he remembered I was underage. But this wasn't going to deter me as this was game 7 for an Angels championship. So I snuck back in again and we moved tables. All was going well until Erstad made the final out and my buddy and I started high fiving and hollering with the rest of the crowd at the bar. Well, when you walk around a bar high fiving people you are attracting attention and I got caught by the same dude and escorted out again....strangely my buddy wasn't even questioned, and lucky for him the girls just showed up.


So, I sat in his truck in the parking lot listening to the post game stuff for what seemed to be forever because my buddy did a ho's before bros. It actually kind of sucked being stranded in a parking lot with so much excitement, but no one could take away that feeling of finally winning the big one.

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Lower View MVP... I was real emotional about it, and once it set in, I sat and cried for a while.

Still don't have real clear memories of any of the ceremony.

I remember a lot more about game 6,...or the Kennedy Game vs the Twins.

Went to every game after the Yankee series

The park was electric throughout the playoffs that year, but just pulling into the parking lot for the World Series felt different. 

It WAS different. The press and media trucks, the helicopters, the OC Sheriff mounted posse.

After almost 50 years of playing baseball, watching baseball, reading baseball, and going to major league baseball games...

I was at the World Series.

I don't think that there is any way of describing what it is like, and what it means, to someone that waited as long as I did.  

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Funny you mention Kennedy. That is my second most memorable moment.


Strangely, my most memorable moment from that 2002 playoffs didn't even include the Angels. It was when the Twins first baseman caught a pop up foul in Oakland to end the series and send Oakland home. Oakland was the only team I was worried about that year. After we beat the mighty Yankees, seeing Oakland go down the next day it really hit me that we could win this thing.


The rest is kind of history.

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Game 6: SF at cheesecake factory on top of macy's building in union square with about 12 family members up from OC to visit me at Berkeley. Was an amazing night.

Game 7: had a viewing party at the sorority where i lived with about 40 friends - mix of angels and giants fans.

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Game 6 I was in a cabin in Yosemite with some family who were all Giants fans.  When Speiz hit the HR I jumped outta the couch I was so excited.

Game 7 Sadly I was in the car listening to the game on the radio.  Was taping it on VHS at home.

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Game 6: At my buddy's house. After we went down 5-0, I went downstairs and begun to sulk by myself. My friend doesn't know much about baseball, but we used to yell Speizio all the time because he always seemed clutch. When he hit that 3 run home run, he ran downstairs as I was running up and we yelled SPPEEEEEIIIZIOOOOOOOO!!!! We started freaking out and yelling. It was the most excited I have ever seen him about baseball


Game 7: At my parents. Not a lot of yelling. Just some tears

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In Northern California, at the apartment of some female Giant's fan.  The painful part was that my brother and dad were at the Stadium, sitting next to Ricky Henderson, calling me  as the final out was made.  I was stuck in my second year of law school and couldn't get down to Socal because of a 60 page paper due the next day.  Worst decision ever. 

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