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Well I have recently decided that I need to play golf much more than the once a month or so I have been playing for the past couple of years.  In the spirit of seeing how I am improving I am going to post my scores here when I go.  Maybe you want to do the same?  Anywho, started off this morning with the back 9 at shorecliffs and shot a lovely 56 (damn you narrow fairways).


Next up, the full 18 at San Clemente muni Saturday!

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SS what's incredible is that your total number of kids is higher than your index. Props. It's clear you succeed in multiple holes in one.

I want to play so bad.  Seriously, frozen in Texas and tarps on greens for days and days, WTF?  I am not sure when MT ever gets to play if it is like this here.    Last I played was our little club

Still working some at the course so don't play as much anymore.  Throwing punk kids off the course is fun though.    Last weeks idiot golfer of the week came in on Sunday.  Stops in the clubhouse an

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Same here.  I play Skylinks the most of any SoCal courses, usually card a 100-103, so I'm stoked whenever I break 100. 


Same here.  I am happy to break 100.  Been putting better so maybe soon I will be closer to 95 than 105.

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I drove by River View today. Oh man, what an awful, awful place to golf. I couldn't imagine walking that course. I'd recommend Willowick over River View any day. 


My spread over my last 5 rounds is pretty brutal:


89, 91, 100, 117, 95


I picked up the shanks when I shot a 100 playing with Bruce. They got worse my next outing. Way worse. Righted it a bit my last round. Damndest thing... I'm hitting my driver, 3-wood , hybrid and 4 iron very well right now, but I'm having a bitch of a time squaring the club face with any other iron. I literally have to play for a hook to keep from slicing it. I'm in the middle of a hiatus. Need to recharge the batteries a bit. 

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