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More Christie Greatness

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“Damn, boardwalks are opening all over New Jersey, and I’m going to try to be at every one of them,” Christie said. “And the biggest reason that I want to come and open these ...boardwalks is because I want New Jersey, the region and the country to know that new Jersey has come back, that the summer will happen here in New Jersey and you need to bring your families here to enjoy and create new memories this summer.”





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This time in Seaside Heights NJ. Our state continues to rebuild and reopen what was taken away by Sandy, while the politicians next door in NY are still bickering and nothing gets done.


Go Christie

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There are times I really like Christie...and there are times he just comes off as a douchy bully or just another run of the mill Fox Republican. If he would ditch the GOP and move to the left on social issues publicly (I think he's more socially liberal than the character he plays on tv) he would be a very attractive candidate. The problem he's going to have is he'll never make it out of the Republican primary unless he starts putting on the tinfoil and spouting whacky shit...especially since many folks thought he stabbed the Repubilcans in the back by not hating on Obama during Sandy...and that would hurt his national standing much like it did Romney.

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Ugh, making a decision to vote based upon the letter after their name is silly.


He's either a good man or not.  You either agree with his policies or you don't.


You misunderstand me...staying in the GOP would require him to continue to cater to the people running around in triangle hats ranting about Agenda 21 and other nonsense, therefore make himing unpalatable. And you are right, at this moment in my mind putting an R by someone's name makes the an automatic no...because the Republican party has gone completely off the rails. They've stopped trying to govern and participate in our republic and instead focused on non stop rat****ery. To me, that disqualifies you from even consideration of my vote.

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If he stayed with the party and was forced to say/do stupid shit that he didn't believe in just to get primary votes then it matters if he has a letter next to his name.


Any decent candidate isn't going to be lockstep with any party.  Regardless of the letter.  Your scenario is a lose/lose.

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