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25 Man Roster Construction / 26 Man in 2020?


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I was wondering what the roster would look like in 2019, I've heard 8 relievers and 3 bench spots. But it could as easily be 7 and 4. I wonder if Cowart makes the team out of ST.

Is that 4 OF (Trout, Calhoun, Upton, Bourjos), 6 or 7 INF (Pujols, Fletcher, Simmons, Cozart, Bour, Ward/Cowart) and 2 C (Lucroy, Smith)? When Ohtani comes up, one of the INF likely go down, right? Then you have the five starters (Cahill, Harvey, Skaggs, Pena, Barria) and 7 or 8 relievers (Allen, Bedrosian, Garcia, Robles, Buttrey, Anderson, Jennings, Bard?, Cole?)

And if that's the case in 2020, when the rosters expand to 26, but can only have 13 pitchers... Do they have a 6 man rotation again? How many two way players will make the team?

For 2020, I can see a roster of

4 OF (Trout, Upton, Adell, Bourjos), 5 INF (Pujols, Cozart, Simmons, Ward, Bour/Thaiss), a UTIL (Fletcher), 1 or 2 INF/OF/RP (Walsh, Cowart), 2 C (Lucroy, Smith).

DH/SP (Ohtani), 5 Additional SP (FA Starter #1 / Harvey, Skaggs, Heaney, Barria, Canning) and then 6 or 7 additional relievers (Closer, Buttrey, Middleton, Anderson, Robles, Jerez, Cole).

The problem is you have to list Ohtani and the two other two way players as pitchers until they get their 2 way status, or they can only pitch in blow outs or extra innings. I think it's possible Cowart gets 20 ML innings this year, he'll pitch in every blow out. For Ohtani, that happens by the end of April when he gets to 20 innings. For relievers, that's a lot harder to get to.

By getting Cowart major league innings this year, he becomes versatile, but it's a risk, because he's never pitched before. I also believe they are going to slightly alter the rule saying rookies (who have rookie status, can be designated 2 way players if they have met the 20 innings and 20 games as a hitter in AAA in the previous year.)


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2 hours ago, krAbs said:

As for this year, I think Ward starts in the minors, and Cowart starts as the extra utility swing man. No sure which relievers we carry - is there anyone on the edge who we need to carry on the roster because they are out of options?

"I agree."

In that case, La Stella will be our extra utility infielder, with Ward and Cowart working on their two way abilities in the minors.

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Yeah I forgot LaStella. But he has options while Cowart did not, and I didn’t think Cowart would clear waivers.

It’s down to Ward or Fletcher if they go with 13 pitchers. I do think Ward takes the starting third base spot sooner than later but maybe not to open the season, and Ohtani will be back soon too, so we’ll see.

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I would be very surprised if the Angels opened with 7 relievers instead of 8. They haven’t had a starter throw 80 pitches in spring training and only one has thrown 70.

Right now I’d say the bullpen is Allen, Buttrey, Robles, Jennings, Bedrosian, Anderson, Hudson, Garcia.

La Stella, Smith, Bourjos on the bench

Lucroy, Bour, Fletcher, Simmons, Cozart, Upton, Trout, Calhoun, Pujols as the starters. 

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