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I Know Why Mike Trout hit for the Cycle Yesterday....

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So Tuesday morning, my friend is driving through the parking lot of her local Newport Beach Vons.


She sees a beautiful black mercedes with a driver who looks very familiar...it's the kid she watches every night on her TV...so she parks her car and watches where #27 goes next.


This friend has seen many pro atheletes at her local grocery store, and she usually says nothing, but she's a big Angels fan....and she has a son about his age...and the teams had a rough start....and..

she decides to follow him into the Starbucks.


Inside it's just her, Trout and the barista. It would be rude not to say anything.


"Good luck tonight," she says simply.


He responds with his mega-watt smile and says, "Thanks. I know it's been a tough start but I hope we can start to turn things around tonight." 




So I say my friend needs to hang out at her local Starbucks and wait for Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson.

What do you think?



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Thanks for sharing, kid seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

When i was in minny this year for the angels series Trout quickly ran over to me and my gf and a few others and signed some stuff for us after the anthem. Never seen an athlete pay any sort of attention to the fans after the anthem has been played.

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I think your friend needs to send coffee and a good luck wish to all the pitchers on the roster and to half of the lineup. Actually, have her just bring coffee to the locker room and hit the whole team at once. If it works, she needs to do it indefinitely. She's a dedicated fan, right?


As a side note, anyone remember the Frasier where the Seattle Supersonic thought rubbing Niles head brought him good luck? Whatever works, right?

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Maybe as a group, we should figure out which Starbuck's Blanton and Richards goes to. 


we'll let richards go, then lock blanton in there, bolt the doors, board up the windows like it's hurricane season in miami, and plant some nice foliage in front of the building so no one suspects a thing. we'll then need to send some kind of note to sosh saying "dear mike, got tired of sucking and being a drain on the team. i've decided to go find myself in the himalayas, where i'll be without electricity and running water for the next two years. it's been real. good luck, signed, joe."

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