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The Los Angeles Angels of Newport Beach?

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19 hours ago, tomsred said:

It would be impossible, this will never happen.


3 hours ago, Rollinghard said:

 Traffic would be and absolute nightmare. It would be an hour to just get to the freeway after the game. The current location provides very good access to multiple freeways and minimal traffic.  Well, comparably speaking anyway.


After all these years on the interwebs, some people just don't have the slightest radar for humor/sarcasm.

(the photoshop in Catalina is spectacular, btw)

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10 minutes ago, Angelsfan1984 said:

I personally manage the liability insurance for the city of Newport Beach. I can tell you that no requests have been submitted to add a stadium or authority. Take that for what you will 

I'll take it as a complete lie and I expect construction to begin on Bay Island within the next few weeks.

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