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Best way to sell stuff on the internet?

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I haven't sold anything since it was Craigslist and Ebay, but I know there are now many apps or other avenues these days. What's the best or most likely to sell of a few?

Just looking to sell a bunch of miscellaneous stuff and clear out storage.......stock car parts, baseball cards, sports memorabilia, high end music equipment. Kind of all over the place with regards to items, some will probably have to be picked up locally like my bass cab that weights around 160lbs.

Any help and experiences would be greatly appreciated. I had a friend mention Offer Up as an app/site, but that's it so far.

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For stuff you just want to clear out, craigslist and letgo.  For stuff you want to actually get some money for, probably Ebay.  For the high end music equipment.  If you don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping it, ebay has a kind of valet service.  They take 50%.  But if it's a PITA to sell, and ship.  Then it might be worth it.  I think the company was called iSoldit.com.  You just have to watch out, because they start all their auctions at $19.99.  So you could get screwed if it's a really valuable piece.  But I'd start with craigslist and letgo, since it's free listings and no commissions if you sell it.  

As you said, there is a lot more options now.  But those are the three I've been using.  

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I used to sell regularly on Amazon until I got banned for not selling often enough. In theory I can still sell stuff but my status as a removed seller made things more complicated than it was worth.

I made really good money selling there though. If you do your research (I looked for top prices people paid for the item on eBay) and have a little patience you can make a lot of your money back on a lot of items. I actually managed to break even trading up camera models over the years. I started out by reselling my textbooks back in college, and typically would get back 80-90% of my original cost.

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16 hours ago, Tank said:

Facebook marketplace works pretty well. I’ve bought a few things that way. Very low key. 

Agree with Facebook. There should be a free local "marketplace page" where you can list stuff for sale. It has worked great for us anytime we are doing a spring cleaning, or getting rid of stuff the kids don't use anymore. People race over to buy it. List it in the morning, gone by the afternoon. 

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