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If/When Mike Trout will sign an extension

Second Base

Mike Trout Extension  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Will Mike Trout sign an extension, and when

    • Before the 2019 season
    • During the 2019 season
    • Before the 2020 season
    • During the 2020 season
    • After 2020 season, but before free agency
    • After exploring free agency
    • He will not sign an extension with the Angels
  2. 2. How many years will the extension be?

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I voted before the season, as if it isnt done by then i think the chances it happens get significantly lower.
I also voted 10 years as i think it would be an angel for life contract if it happens. 
Once Harper and Machado sign, if they ever do, were on the clock.  if it doesnt happen between that date and the end of ST i think the chance it ever happens drops by about half. 

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I think the basic outline of what I'm thinking here is that Trout and his agent will wait until Harper and Machado sign, which will obviously give them a baseline. Then after that, Trout will want to see if and how the team improves. I think very little about 2019 will cause him to want to sign a long term deal because I just don't think the 2019 team is built like a powerhouse. They'll hover around .500 for much of the season. There will be some positives, some young prospects will be making their first appearances, but again, that's awfully loose logic to base an extension on. Then next winter will come, and again, he'll get an idea of how the direction of the market is moving with Nolan Arenado providing more of a read, and watching what the Angels do to field a winning product. 

It's at these point that the Angels will become a little more aggressiveness in their pursuit. But unless it's a ridiculous offer that blows him away, Trout will still opt to see where the Angels are headed. During the 2020 season, three magical things are going to happen, which will result in an extension.

1. The Angels will have a full on youth movement occurring, and these kids that come up are going to be incredibly talented, and that's what Trout wants to surround himself with. He can see them winning long term. 

2. The Angels will be winning ball games. A lot of freakin ball games. This is the winner he'll have waited for.

3. The press will be non-stop questioning him and writing about free agency and what we do know about Trout is that he really doesn't care or even want to hear about that stuff. He wants to play baseball. This will cause him to absolutely dread the potential of hitting the free agent market.

So after the 2020 season ends, and the Angels approach him with some official numbers that meet his needs based on what others have been paid, as well as the Angels needs, they'll hammer something out before the negotiating period for other teams even begins. And since Harper will be getting around 35 million a year across 10 years, Machado will get 28 per year across 8, an epic Arenado will get 30 across 8, and Trout will be 28, coming off making 34 million a year, he'll sign a 10/375 million dollar contract, one that will include an opt out at age 32, and bonuses for different milestones. But essentially, it will front loaded. He'll be making 40 million a year for ages 29-33. Then ages 34-38, he'll be making 35 million a year. 

And that's basically how it will shake out.

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