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Can someone post our highlights from this article on BP...


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It's literally just a list of the top 101.  Adell is 2nd, Canning is 56th, Jahmai Jones is 68th, Marsh is 94th, and Jordyn Adams is 99th.  As best as I can tell, there's not yet an analysis or commentary on the individual players, other than a podcast, which I'm not going to listen to.  :)

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22 minutes ago, RBM said:

And Rengifo is still going unnoticed with many. He probably should be in the top 100.

one of the things to notice is that there are like only 6 or 7 players in the top 100 that were taken in the 4 round or later.  I know Rengifo was an intl sign but it's tough for guys to crack the top of the list when they weren't anywhere near it before.  A lot of which has to do with perceived projection in combination with numbers.  While Luis had a great year and put up gawky numbers, in a lot of peoples minds (including most who make these lists), he's still a borderline starter and likely a util MIF.  Similar to Sandoval.  Dude was an absolute beast last year but he was an 11th round pick and has a middle of the rotation projection.  

the guys from our system that could really make a huge move this year are Jackson, Adams, Knowles, Deveaux, Acquino, Soriano, Chris Rodriguez, Maitan, and maybe even Hernandez.  Alex Ramirez could make a big jump as well but it's likely a year or two too early.   Watch out for Livan Soto too.  He's not likely to crack a top 100 at any point, but I think his ability to hit is going to be better than most thought and his defense is outstanding.  

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11 hours ago, floplag said:

Totally not sure which thread to post this in at this point, but there is a huge difference between the BP rating and the Baseball America rankings.  BA only has 2 angels in the top 100, Adell and Canning.   Thats a very large difference.  

because after the top 25-30 or so,  the next 50 are similar.  then there's a group of 75 and maybe even 100 that are similar.  So depending on the method of ranking, a prospect like Jahmai Jones might be  68 and he might not be on another list.  You'd be surprised at the gaps in knowledge prospect site have on certain guys.  So many of them get ranked based purely on draft status/intl bonus and buzz from some other site or even a team specific site.  

It's a odds game really.  People that rank prospects figure that most teams drafting a player in the first two rounds know what they are doing.  Also, prospect ranking sites do have inside info on various teams processes, who their scouts are, and their history of success.  Part of the reason the Angels have been getting more play as of late is that guys like Keith Law and Sickels see what a guy like Eppler has created internally within the halos system and are impressed with the way they go about their business.  They trust the team as much as they trust the prospect.  

It's not dumb luck that certain teams are better at prospect development.  It doesn't always last forever because guys get new jobs via promotions with other teams.  There are certain teams though that seem to produce more prospects who end up being major league contributors.  I have always view the Cards and Dogs as pretty damn good (unfortunately).  The Twins and Jays as well.  The pirates and tampa are up there.  

Where a lot teams make up a ton of ground is internationally.  Why?  Because there's no draft.  Relationships are king and one good scout can feed your team for years.  The draft is way more of a crap shoot after the first 5 picks because everyone has to go in order.  Whereas on the international side, there are no teams in front of you.  

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21 hours ago, Dochalo said:

I thought the Mariners were a top 10 farm after all of the brilliant trades. Shouldn't they have more top 100 plyers than the Angels. Pirates and Astros?

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