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1 hour ago, Rico said:

Friendly with Assad and past anti-gay activism.

Ya I don’t think the friendly with Assad bit is fair.  I view her outlook on that positively.  You have to accept the world as it is and go from there.  Assad is the person who holds power in Syria.  Whether we like that or not. He’s the one to deal with. 

Also, I’ll add the the whole situation over there with Assad and rebels is pretty complex.  Believe it or not, Assad does have the support of a significant number of the Syrian people.  Including minorities.  He’s actually fairly secular and definitley an enemy of Islamic fundamentalists.  I’m not saying he’s a good guy, but it is what it is. 

As far as the gay activism.  She’s tried to make that right.  I view that as less problematic then Kamala Harris record as prosecutor. 

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Just now, Rico said:

It's not just that she was anti-gay, she was an anti-gay activist.  

Are you saying she was a proponent of the no gay marriage bill?

Seriously, is that really worse than Obama getting in front of millions of people on tv and saying that "marriage is between a man and a woman"?  

Come on.

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