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Angels acquire John Curtiss


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Angels Acquire John Curtiss, Designate Parker Bridwell

By Steve Adams |  at 

The Angels announced Tuesday evening that they’ve acquired right-handed reliever John Curtiss from the Twins in exchange for minor league infielder Daniel Ozoria. Minnesota designated Curtiss for assignment yesterday upon signing former Angels righty Blake Parker. In order to open space on the roster for Curtiss, the Halos have designated righty Parker Bridwell for assignment.


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He's a C+ grade prospect according to Sickles btw so he was ranked somewhere in the 22-40 range on their top prospect list.  Their #26 on their prospects 1500 list.  #22 on the fangraphs list (40 grade).  Similar grade on fangraphs to Buttrey.  Ahead of him per Sickels.  

If we had gotten him for an expiring reliever contract at the deadline it would have had a little more appeal, but Curtiss could be a nice pickup.  

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Basically he replaces Austin Brice, a potential unrealized upside-laden RP, but with the benefit of having options, which Bruce didn’t have.

I’m actually quite happy with the work Eppler has done to the pen in the last half of ‘18 and so far this offseason. I believe the best way to build an effective pen is simply by maintaining a deep well of guys with options and good stuff, and we now have Anderson, Buttrey, Curtiss, Pena, Peters, Cole, Middleton, Jewell all representing that pool. 

To show how far we’ve come with that pool of optionable relief depth, I think going into ST last year it was Paredes, Pena, Jewell, Diaz, Scribner, and Middleton, plus Tropeano and Bridwell if they didn’t make the rotation. Most of our slated Opening Day 2018 pen was already out of options - Bedrosian, the Ramirezes, Parker,  Alvarez, Johnson, and Wood - and Eppler’s only way to maintain that overall pen depth was to keep those guys on as the Opening Day pen.

Its also why I expect Billy to wind up at least signing a few vets to minor league deals. If they beat out the optionable arms in ST, it really adds to the depth. If they don’t, no harm done, as we have enough guys with options to stay flexible and deep.

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