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Thinking of making the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile


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I have Tmobile.  Friends have others.  I find in the city, not much of a difference.  Although in some arena's and some theaters, Tmobile does drop out.  (I think Staples was one)  It's when you go out of the city that Tmobile has problems.  For instance, top of hills or mountains (yeah yeah, I know.  But I go up there)  other carriers have reception where Tmobile does not.  Any of the peaks in So Cal, I didn't.  But even small hills like the top of Scholl Canyon, didn't have Tmobile reception.  In out of the way towns, like when I was up north in Downieville.  Verizon had reception, and while Tmobile's map says it should have had connection, it did not.  

On the flip side, Tmobile is more robust with wifi.  You can make calls, send texts when you only have a wifi connection.  But the times when you have only wifi and not both is fairly rare.  

Once 5G launches, it might be a different story, since everyone has to pretty much build a new network for that.  But as of right now, I'd say Tmobile isn't as bad as Sprint.  But not as good as Verizon or ATT.  

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8 hours ago, Tank said:

my wife is interested in making the same switch. verizon is more expensive than we'd like.

any of you who are out of state and have tmobile? opinions?

Here in Bullhead City area of Arizona AT&T has the best reception followed by Verizon.

TMobile does not have good coverage and same with Sprint. Save money, but lose a lot of areas.

Some of the guys at work use Cricket to save money, but not very good coverage.

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Here in NJ, I agree with what everyone else said about coverage areas. Going to Europe, T-mobile is as good, if not better than the big 2.

Customer service is always available, but is staffed by idiots. I have a small business account and I am constantly having to message them about missing voicemails, and billing issues. 

I will be switching back to AT&T come April.

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