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Suit accuses Seattle Mariners of discrimination, undermining Felix Hernandez

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SEATTLE -- A wrongful-termination lawsuit filed by the Seattle Mariners' former high-performance director alleges she went to team owners John Stanton and Buck Ferguson and CEO Kevin Mather as far back as March to complain about alleged discriminatory treatment.

The lawsuit also says several Latino players complained to Dr. Lorena Martin about feeling excluded and that general manager Jerry Dipoto took midseason steps to deliberately undermine the progress and mental state of star pitcher Felix Hernandez....

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"The lawsuit says several Latino players complained to Martin about feeling excluded. It also says Dipoto and Servais took midseason steps to deliberately undermine the progress and mental state of Mariners star pitcher Felix Hernandez. Servais, according to the lawsuit, felt Hernandez was lazy, and the manager had even taken to “gambling money” – it does not specify how much or with whom – on what the pitcher’s training schedule would be at any given time."

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10 hours ago, calscuf said:

Sounds like easy money to me!

Yeah man.... check out the actual lawsuit.  https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/5662905/Lorena-Martin-v-Seattle-Mariners.pdf    Turns out that she wasn't actually fired until AFTER she went public, apparently she had been on "adminstrative leave" while her situation was being discussed.   So, the official response from the M's hinting that her allegations were as a result of her having been fired seem to be a bit off.    Not sure why they would have gone on record saying something when it wasnt yet the case.    Given what happened with Segura, where he was called out publicly by his manager as a pussy, then sat down for "not trying hard enough" and a Seattle Times stor where Felix Hernandez and his wife both say point blank that he had reached his emotional nadir during the season there is likely enough there for the M's to just cash her out and avoid the BS..   Easy money indeed.

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Let’s all pump the brakes on this one just a bit.  Remember there are always three sides to a story, and this is just hers.  Of course it’s going to portray her as a victim and her attorney will throw everything against the wall to be sure it sticks. 

From what I’ve heard it was the players on the Mariners who told management they didn’t want anything to do with her.  They just didn’t find her credible from any standpoint.  She was then asked to work with the minor leagues only and she didn’t endear herself to them either.  From the stories relayed to me it sounded like she was totally clueless as to how baseball worked, both on the field and off the field. 

She sounds like a person who has real trouble building relationships, and baseball, like other businesses, is built on relationships.   It sounds like the Lakers had the same experience. In any event, she better hope she gets something out of this because I can’t see any sports organization hiring her in the future.  

Of course, I blame DiPoto for hiring her and giving her a lofty position without, it seems, any due diligence. 

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On 12/22/2018 at 8:03 PM, ScottT said:

Maybe Hernandez is lazy. Maybe Dipoto is racist. Maybe Martin is bat shit crazy.  Maybe the earth is flat.  I have no idea who is telling the whole truth. I suspect, like someone suggested, the truth is somewhere in between. 

How can the truth be somewhere between the earth is flat and the earth is round?

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