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Greg Holland


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Had a bad start to 2018 with St. Louis and was released and had a big turnaround when the Nats signed him to finish 2018. 

St. Louis stats: 7.92 ERA, 32 games,  22 ER, 1 HR,  22 BB, 22 K

Washington(signed deal on 8/7): 0.84 ERA, 24 games, 2 ER, 1 HR, 10 BB,  25 K

Even when he struggled he didn’t surrender the home run, something the Angels bullpen struggled with giving up 82 of them. Seems like a cheap bullpen candidate that the Angels should keep a tab on.

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1 hour ago, UndertheHalo said:

Is he high octane these days ? Cause Eppler specifically requires high octane. 

He was upper 90s, routinely hitting 98 through 2013 -- last year his best velocity in any month was 94 in May when he was getting absolutely torqued...   So, he may have been trying to throw hard and everything was flattening out on him.   

His days of throwing pure gas are behind him.  

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1 minute ago, Halokingfish said:

Does it really matter if someone is high octane or not? As long as they can consistently get outs is what matters the most. 

It matters in the sense that the Angels GM, the person responsible for pursuing a player has a preference for a particular tool set.   Holland finished well as a 8th inning guy, but he bore little resemblance to the guy that dominated for KC.   It's possible he was learning how to pitch with diminished stuff and that led to his struggles, but there were more questions than answers in his first season back.  Based on his comments upon being released, he views himself as a closer still, and that likely means getting paid like one.

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23 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

If paid $2-3 million in 2019, Holland might be able to replace fellow LHP Alvarez in that role? 

That's the price range I had in mind too. I could see him setting up, but with his veteran experience, I wouldn't mind him closing some games. If the Angels go with another closer by committee, his veteran experience would be nice to have. Holland's stats improved in Washington because he relied more on his fastball rather than slider. This is a Nationals video/Holland interview explaining on how his stats changed from his time in St. Louis: 


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On ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 2:39 PM, SlappyUtilityMIF said:

Holland isn't Left handed though.... You are thinking about Derek Holland the former Ranger, Sox and Giant.


Greg is the former closer of the Royals.

Guess it has been a while since I saw him pitch.    Hits allowed was miniscule and K's were solid for the Nats.   BB's were still a bit of an issue, but with that few hits allowed was minimized. 

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