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Max Muncy, Franmil Reyes, Josh James and Jeff McNeil were all available in the Rule 5 draft last year and went unpicked


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1 hour ago, Angel Oracle said:

One question, does Eppler (or the Halos scouts) simply not understand position players like they do pitchers?

Pitcher acquisitions >>>>>>>>>>> position player acquisitions since 2016.

Pretty safe to say that either the scouts or whatever proprietary analytics they use are working far more reliably on the pitching side. And I’d give them credit for measuring defense as well, plus finding good catchers cheaply - up and down the org Eppler’s found some good young players, even if only to round out the farm depth.

But whatever measurement or indicators they’re looking at for hitting ability isn’t making the grade yet, unless Eppler has simply decided to focus on the defensive sureties over offensive potential. 

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41 minutes ago, totdprods said:

Any guys in particular that you like ? 

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54 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

From what I’ve read I think the Angels should be all over the Dodgers guy Cristian Sanatana if he’s available for them. 

I haven't had much a chance to dig in yet and see who was left unprotected, and it's a little hard to gauge this early in the offseason still without any other needs being addressed yet - or seeing which prospects of our own may be dealt. 

Riley Ferrell definitely gives off the vibe of an Eppler target.
Luis Gonzalez would be a solid pick-up should Eppler deal Alvarez...if he falters, you've got Peters and Jerez as depth in AAA.
Cristian Santana looks a little too raw and young to try and keep on a team aiming for playoff contention.
If the Angels make a legitimate IF addition, I agree with @Second Base that Kean Wong would be a cool pick-up to fill Fletcher's role, with Fletch and Rengifo working out together in AAA up the middle at the ready. 
Breiling Eusebio would be a savvy grab to add another solid LH SP prospect to the system - he's coming off TJS, so you can leave him on the DL for awhile instead of the 25-man. Risky if he has a set-back though. You could give him Almonte's 40-man spot and it'd be basically swapping the same calibre prospect.
Alex Young and Tom Eshelman would also be interesting guys to watch and put into, say, Tropeano's spot - a little bit long-relief, a little bit spot starter. If they make it through the year, you've added a good #5-#6 type SP prospect with control, which is good for depth. 

If there was a good, fast, defensive specialist 4th OF available I'd be interested too.

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