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Who will the Angels acquire in a trade


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Ok, this off season who will the Angels trade for to help the team?  There are a few big name players out there that seem to be on the block, guys like Carrasco, Kluber, Gray, Segura, Realmuto, Bumgarner.  There are also many smaller guys on the block.  Pick one player you believe the Angels will acquire this off season (players we have already traded for do not count).  

If you are right I will send you some INO gift cards.  I will do this for the first 5 correct guesses.  

I am going to go with Austin Hedges.  

If I win @Chuckster70 has to fix the cookie tab or go back to the annual ad free cost being $25 instead of $26.03.  


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3 minutes ago, OregonLAA said:

Gray and Hedges would be terrific additions. 


I will say Cesar Hernandez. It’s a long shot considering Rengifo will be up, but he would be terrific at the leadoff spot. All 3 of those are pretty low key moves but improve the team in a big way

Yea, I could see us going after Cesar, but Fletcher has said he doesn’t believe that Eppler really digs the guy.  Something tells me Hedges would be more expensive than some of us here would be comfortable with based on what he has done so far at the major league level.

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Just now, wopphil said:

And to be clear, I wouldn't part with this package to acquire him. 

I’d rather give up an outfielder than both Rengifo and Jones.  Hell I was down on Jones, but for some reason I am starting to like the idea of him being on the major league team because he could easily be a 2nd baseman and emergency outfielder.  

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I think its hard to say right now without knowing the intent, but...
If i assume we are on a fixed budget and the focus is acquiring pitching without giving up much of substance, the obvious answer is Gray.  Hedges perhaps also makes sense.  Though without additional FA signings i dont think either of those changes the standings. 

I do not think we will be in on the bog names, not if we arent willing to lose something of value on the farm. 

The thing about Gray is that i think Oak has their sights on him and can/will offer a better package so we might have to pay more than most here would like or take on more of the money limiting other moves.

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