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I think we're starving for some action considering that we're on our 3rd page of a Peter Bourjos signing to a minor league contract.  

Great depth to have at SLC.  Man, I forgot how great his 2011 year was. .271/.327/.438/.765, 116 OPS+, 26 doubles, 11 triples, 12 homers, 22 stolen bases. 5 WAR.

With moves like this the Primer Series keeps writing itself! 

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1 hour ago, Hubs said:

Ya I like Kole at 1st too, but it's worth noting that last year, they had Hermosillo, Young, or Young on the roster the majority of the time. None of them play 1st.

Ausmus may like a different mix than we're used to seeing, but barring any major trades or free agency moves, they're likely to roll with the 9 starters, a backup OF and 2 backup INF. They may even go 3 Catchers, 2 OF or 3 infielders if they go with a 7 man pen.

Last season, with Ohtani only hitting, and a healthy Pujols, they usually had one backup OF, two backup INF, and one backup C.

Adding a guy like Bourjos works if they want a pure OF backup. Which leaves the other two spots for a backup MINF, and a backup CINF.

They also still had Valbuena at the time - he was the part time 1B. I'm not saying whoever is the 4th OF *has* to be able to play 1B, only that Fletcher has indicated that to be a possibility.

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Speeder Bourjos....the new Eric Young Jr. I suppose. Quite frankly, if Kole Calhoun is still our RF, we'll need a better 4th OF than Peter. We'll need someone that not only fills the 4th OF role, but platoons with Calhoun because he's proven incapable of hitting LHP, no matter how Scioscia drew up the lineup. 

He'll probably spend the majority of the season in AAA.

Also, Adell called, said he's keeping #25. Peter can wear #98, or wtharever they make other rookies wear.

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10 hours ago, Lou said:

his lack of talent derailed his career 


not true. all those guys are talented. his lack of adjustments is what derailed his career.

he failed to adjust to how he fit into MLB. a great example of a very similar talent, is dave roberts. dave, went and studied from maury wills on the art of base stealing and he carved himself a respectable place in baseball as a player.

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