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Corey Kluber?


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From this article...

"1. Angels
Mike Trout has played three postseason games in eight seasons. Some of this is bad luck, with too many pitching injuries costing the Angels way too many opportunities. Now with Trout 27 years old and two years from free agency, the Halos simply can't waste another season with the best player of his generation not playing October baseball. That means spending on a starting pitcher -- at least one and possibly two. Whether it's Corbin, Keuchel or some combination of others, the Angels will do everything possible to give Trout a better chance to return to the postseason. And if the Indians really are willing to listen on Corey Kluber, the Halos should be first in line."

He is as durable, consistent, and dominant as a SP can be in this day and age. None of the injury concerns of deGrom. None
He will cost Adell and surely Canning, no doubt, but he is under contract in '19 for $17m - and the team holds options on him for 2020 ($17.5m) and 2021 ($18m). 
More than likely, he'll be cheaper than Corbin and Keuchel with loads more reliability. 

Kluber, Skaggs, Barria, Heaney, Shoemaker, and a FA SP on a 1-yr deal?
Re-sign Richards and rehab him, and you might have a 2020 rotation of Kluber, Ohtani, Skaggs, Heaney, Barria, and Richards. Oof.
You lose Adell in the long-term plans - but for those thinking Trout needs to be convinced this team is a winner in the next few seasons, this certainly makes a statement. 

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One mock up online said Adell, Canning, and Maitan, and they compared it to the Sale deal. 
It will without doubt require Adell. If for some reason it doesn't, then it'll the whomever Cleveland feels is #2, #3, #4, and #5 from the system.

He has been virtually automatic six years running now though, averaging 31 GS, 206 IP with an ERA of 2.96, a FIP of 2.89, and a WHIP of 1.05. 
And he's been consistent as can be since he was a full-time starter, the last five seasons.
In that timeframe, he's made 29+ starts.
He's topped 200 innings each of the last five seasons. 
His ERA has ranged between 2.25 and 3.49.
His FIP has ranged between 2.35 and 3.26. 
WHIP? .087 (!!!) to 1.10. 
Virtually automatic 10 K/9 and 7 H/9.
Only topped BB/9 of 2 once. 

He'll likely finish Top 5 in the Cy Young race again - he already has two under his belt, and two more Top 10 finishes in that span. 

Aside from the reliability, the contract really stands out to me. ~$18m annually, with three seasons control? That leaves the Angels a lot of room to work still, while massively upgrading the rotation. And as good as Adell is, Trout, Upton, and Marsh, Ohtani, Knowles, Jones, Adams is still a pretty good OF for the foreseeable future. Adell's massively valuable, but if any team could call him a luxury, it's one with Trout and Ohtani.

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4 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

How long can he maintain that though?    Big risk, to include the two top prospects in a trade!   Plus, he's 33 next season. 

Scherzer doesn't seem to be slowing down. Verlander has recovered from his snag. 
You'd have to think he's about a safe as bet as any for at least another year's worth of production, probably two. That third year might start getting sketchy, but the Angels would hold team options the last two, so if he really hits a wall, the buyout is a surprisingly cheap $1m ea. 

They'd be without the prospects of course, but financially it would be easy to get out of it. Even if fell off to a middling 3.50-4.50 ERA and ate 200 innings, that's still close to worth his salary.

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5 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

I just can't see trading two of the best prospects around for a maybe beyond 2019. 

When will this org ever develop its' own Kluber, Sale, Kershaw, Scherzer, etc.????????

How long has it been?    Other than Weave, they haven't since truly Tanana, FORTY-FIVE years ago! 

Funny how back in the 60's they had several good starters, but crappy position players. 

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He's a huge stud and has a great contract, but he'd be too costly. Even if you could get him for prospects (don't think that's who the Indians are likely to trade) ... you are still big underdogs in your own division. This isn't the time for the Angels to make a deal like that.

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1 hour ago, rafibomb said:

I would hate to gut the farm now after all these years of building it to be filled with so much talent.

My sentiments exactly. It feels like the organization is finally righting the ship, but trading promising young prospects for a FA will undermine all of that. If the Angels traded Adell for a FA, I wouldn't be shocked though. It would be the most Angels decision ever - though I feel with Eppler at helm I don't think we'll make the same mistakes of the past. I hope I'm right.

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Horrible idea to trade a prospect like Adell.  An everyday player for a pitcher.  

I’ve said it here a bunch of times before.  I would be against almost any trade that involved an everyday player particularly a premium prospect or solid major league contributor for any pitcher. 

Adell isn’t even blocked.  The Angels will need him, maybe as early as the all star break next season.  

Trade Suarez and Canning as the center pieces. If that’s not good enough.  Fu*ck it. If you have to trade for a front line pitcher trade for Bumgarner and keep your probable top 5 prospect (next year)

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6 hours ago, Angel Oracle said:

How long can he maintain that though?    Big risk, to include the two top prospects in a trade!   Plus, he's 33 next season. 

I think you have to call the Indians and see what theyre gonna ask for. Because he's gonna be 33, that automatically eliminates Adell and Canning from the equation for me. 

I'd be willing to listen in on anyone else in the minors for him.

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