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Angels Claim RP Austin Brice; outright 7, re-instate all from 60-day DL


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From Cincinnati, an out of options reliever from the Reds with mediocre numbers. 

Much like Bridwell, Ramirez, and Pena, Brice has past experience in the minors as a starter and 'meh' numbers as a major league reliever...

John Lamb, Sherman Johnson, Odrisamer Despaigne, Jefry Marte, Francisco Arcia, Deck McGuire, and Eduardo Paredes have all been outrighted off of the 40 and cleared waivers. 
All players on the 60-day DL have been re-instated; Jewell, Meyer, Middleton, Tropeano, Ramirez, Cozart, Pujols.

I think the 40-man is now at 39...

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According to Fangraph, he is a Fastball, Slider 2 pitch right hander. 

26 year old guy who's turning 27 next June, throws 94mph fastball and 83mph slider with 87mph changeup which he only throws at 2% of his total pitches.

Pitched 37 innings for Reds, posted 5.79 ERA.

He allowed 39 hits, in which 9 of them were HRs, walked 13 guys, plunked 3 guys, while striking out 32 batters.

His K/9 number looks pretty decent but obviously he has problem with his command (allowing 16 free passes in 37 innings?) and he gets hit. I mean hit hard. 

43% of his balls were hard hit balls (17.5% were softly hit), causing his BABIP skyrocket up to 0.286 and that clearly explains why his H/9 and HR/9 numbers are so awful.

I don't know what this move is. Honestly. I knew this guy was not gonna be anywhere near being "good" since that doormat Reds let him go, but I tried to look up hoping that I can find at least some positive note about him. He pitched in hitters ballpark in Cincinnati and is coming to Angel stadium, which is one of the pitcher friendly ballparks in the league so his numbers could improve a bit if he had the right stuff. But that doesn't look like the case here. His numbers are way too awful no matter what ballparks he pitched in, and he is turning 27 next season so he won't have much space for improvement anymore. 

I'd say we just got a AAA pitcher who can come up in September for roster expansion and kill some garbage innings when the team is winning big or getting destroyed

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4 minutes ago, floplag said:

All re-instated?  seems odd when we know some wont be ready for ST.  I assume this is some formality that i just never noticed before?

What @Stradling said.

That’s why you didn’t see them addguys like Thaiss or Canning to the 40-man in September, so they had space to play with still when this occurred. 

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1 hour ago, jchalos89 said:

I'd say we just got a AAA pitcher who can come up in September for roster expansion and kill some garbage innings when the team is winning big or getting destroyed

He’s out of options, so it’s more likely he’s taking the place of someone like Noe, or they’ll DFA him and try to stash him in AAA at a later date.

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3 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

Man, I had to look this up as I remember Dewayne Buice and couldn't believe he was 30 years ago, but he was. 

Now I'm as oldasfuck, as well.

Ha. I just did the same thing. I would have put money on him pitching in the mid-90s

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