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C Kevan Smith


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Solid offensive numbers in the minors too...good contact, good plate discipline, solid power. 

He's out of options, so at this point, he's likely at least the back-up catcher, and honestly probably not the worst cheap everyday option, should they commit the rest of their money to other needs.

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Well, it's a good way to improve the offense.  Also MLBTR says he's generally regarded as an average pitch framer.  And if our analytics department felt he was worth a claim, they must think there's a reasonable chance he can improve on his CS%.  After all, much of that falls on the pitcher and our pitchers are much better at holding runners now than they were in the past.  That and guys just aren't stealing as much anymore.  I mean his CS% in the minors is 30% which is pretty decent. 

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1 hour ago, Dochalo said:

caught 7 of 48 stealing.  poor framing stats.  lots of wild pitches relative to innings played (of course that could be related to his pitching staff).  

also, recently had ankle surgery.  

These framing things need to be null and void. Can't wait till computer tech calls balls and strikes. 

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6 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Hahaha.  Ok.  Ignore the first sentence, read the second sentence.  It’ll answer your question without hurting your feelings. 

you have never hurt my feeling, you just go out of your way to be an ass too  often for my tastes and im not the type to simply let it pass so, if youre going to dish it out be prepared to take a little 

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38 minutes ago, CDiaz27? said:

Ones gonna get the boot 

One already was. Hudson was DFA’ed. Most teams have (at least) three catchers on the 40-man at any given time.

Arcia and/or Briceno will be ticketed for AAA. They both have options, Smith doesn’t. 

If the Angels acquire another C, I’d think Arcia or Smith get DFA’ed again, and the hope is they keep burying that player and Hudson onto the AA/AAA depth charts. 

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