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Sources: Astros might be fined for shooting video to monitor Red Sox

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Major League Baseball said it is looking into an incident during Houston's 7-2 win in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series in which an Astros employee appeared to be seen shooting video from the photographer's pit adjacent to the Red Sox's dugout.

MLB told Boston Metro, which was first to report on the incident, that the matter was being handled internally.

The Astros, major league sources tell ESPN's Buster Olney, had deployed the employee to monitor whether the Red Sox were doing anything outside the rules on their side of the field.

The incident -- which led to the employee being removed by security -- is expected to lead to nothing more than a fine for the Astros, according to sources. But it is also expected to be a topic of a wider discussion at next month's general managers meetings on the use of electronic devices during games.

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Pretty much every competitive team has broken these rules.  Astros, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Indians...  The Astros just get accused more frequently than anyone else because they're the best at breaking baseball rules. 

If MLB actually wanted to prevent this, then they'd actually have strict penalties like 10 million dollar fines, forfeiture of draft picks and international bonus money for teams caught cheating. 

MLB acknowledges that it shouldn't happen with their investigations, but they do nothing to deter teams from doing this. 

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58 minutes ago, Dtwncbad said:

I completely reject that "stealing signs" is out of bounds.

If using secret signs is fair game then "stealing" them is also fair game.

If teams don't like others stealing their signs, then get better at using secret signs.

But the problem, as mentioned by others, is that it has become a giant time suck.

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On 10/17/2018 at 4:00 PM, Ace-Of-Diamonds said:

You think there's cheating now stealing signs, wait until the pitcher/catcher conversations get hacked by the opposing team.


I'll take issue with this point from a year and a half ago.

As long as the communication is not sent unencrypted, i'd like to see teams try to break well established encryption standards like AES, which has never been cracked.

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