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2018 Hurricane Thread


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My uncle lives on the beach in North Topsail, NC...as of last night he was right in the crosshairs for landfall though it looks like they are expecting the storm to veer south near the shore so they'll still get smacked hard, but not the direct hit it looked like it could be. I can remember him bragging a few years ago how his house was on stilts and he didn't need to take off during a hurricane...luckily he bailed on that idea and he got out of dodge.

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14 hours ago, Tank said:

150 mph winds expected on thursday and storm will make landfall on friday.

they're evacuating everyone but as always, there are people who refuse to leave and will just ride it out. smh.

MSNBC spoke to a North Carolina resident on Wednesday who said that she was not obeying a mandatory hurricane evacuation because there is “strength in numbers.”

Just hours before Hurricane Florence is set to strike the Carolinas, MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders spoke to a woman named Katie who lives in Carolina Beach, North Carolina with her three children.

Katie explained that she was refusing to evacuate and instead was planning to “just try to stay safe during the hurricane.”

“I think we are going to do everything normally,” she said.

“We have several neighbors saying put,” she added. “We feel there is strength in numbers. We checked in with one another. We are going band together and make it through.”

It was not immediately clear from Katie’s remarks how “strength in numbers” would protect her family from a Category Four hurricane.



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10 minutes ago, fan_since79 said:

It was not immediately clear from Katie’s remarks how “strength in numbers” would protect her family from a Category Four hurricane.

lol.  natural selection at work.

This storm is super scary, hoping for a last minute weather break that weakens it, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

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21 minutes ago, red321 said:

Unfortunately the fire department will most likely be at risk when her stupid ass calls 911 begging for help during the middle of the storm...hopefully they just put her on permanent hold and wave at her when she floats by


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