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Saturday, Sept 15 Beach day at the stadium

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10 minutes ago, Taylor said:

yk, I'll trade you mine for one of your pink breast cancer awareness hats.

I guard my pink breast cancer awareness hats with my life, so that's a no-go.  I will trade you a baby blue Father's Day prostate cancer hat, a camo-fake-I'm-a-patriot Veteran's Day hat AND an I Stand For Cancer sign (I wrote in Tammy Faye Baker).

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7 minutes ago, yk9001 said:

September 15. Football season started.  Angels 1000 games out. Ohtani may not play.

I don't ask for much here.

Someone should Photoshop the Grandpa Simpson GIF to have Grandpa wearing the LB Angels hat.

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Okay, let's break this down here.

You have to order your tickets through here.

Rally round the Angels as they take on division rival the Seattle Mariners in this end-of-season match-up!


General (Non-member). Seating in Sections 131-133


I will subsidize a substantial portion of your ticket cost.  If you buy 2 tickets ($54) I will pay you fifty, in exchange for two brand new hats.  Just let me know. And I have to know of you, preferably had a beef with you over the years.  No randos allowed.  Must have paypal or venmo.




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