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Adam Kennedy and Dontrelle Willis?


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Dontrelle is effectively wild.  The comments he makes about guys he knows really catch my attention, and what was the comment about yellow balls and golf and bushes.  It felt like a setup but would they really set that up.

its as if the entire organization is going for it

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I’m liking Willis so far. He’s fun in that his approach feels like he’s a player more so than Gubicza’s. I understand that Gubicza played of course, but Willis just feels a bit more connected. Kennedy.... meh. He seems a bit uncomfortable on camera for sure.

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2 hours ago, Lou said:

Kennedy was bad.

he was so nervous.  


5 hours ago, Lou said:

Dontrelle should be a permanent hire.

seriously.  he could stand to talk a bit less but he had some great insight about pitching mechanics and sequencing.   he was also funny.  He didn't have a ton of chemistry with Victor early on, but it got better as the games wore on.  

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it was nice to hear a different voice on the broadcast. i liked willis. i think he kept the conversation going a lot better than gubi does. he helped cut down on a lot of the dead air that seems to grow with every broadcast this year.

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14 hours ago, Scioscia4MVP said:

What does Kennedy say ? "I once hit 3 HRs in a playoff game & thats about it"(with a Forrest Gump sounding voice).

You’re selling him a little short.  He had a 4 year stretch with the Angels where he averaged over a 3.5 WAR.  Dude Rex Hudler has an analyst job. 

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7 hours ago, Chuckster70 said:

D-Train was good.. I met AK at a bar once in Seattle a year after he retired, I believe finishing his career with the M's. 

He looks like he's a sloppy drunk. He was already slurring after one beer. 

Adam did get a DUI in 2011/2012 here in the OC

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