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Assuming Sciossia doesn't come back....

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I think a lot of AW posters are too young to know Torre was in the Angels’ booth.

You're so F'n predictable.  Girardi is Sosh's son. We don't want more of the same.

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54 minutes ago, Dtwncbad said:

No.  You have misunderstood me entirely in the whole thread and trying to argue (to explain) seemed silly so I pulled a line out of a Seinfeld episode where Putty says something stupid to completely derail an argument.

These shapes taste like colors. 

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Morris, it was a bullpen game. Pena was supposed to give the Angels four innings or more but couldn't. Scioscia had no desire to burn up every arm for a bad start but it just got worse quicker than expected. By the time he got someone pitching it was a full on dumpster fire and every pitch near the zone was nailed. It went from 3 runs to 7 in the tine it took to get someone up and loosening.

You had to keep your trap shut when the Angels went on a 4 game winning streak. Your outrage on today's loss strikes everyone as having only one think rattling around in your head and tgat is Fire Scioscia.

You are going to have nothing to talk about when the season ends and Eppler chooses his own manager. I think we will look forward to that.

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11 minutes ago, Morris altalef said:

how many managers have you seen which is waiting for a 7 run 1st inning in order to get into action and replace the pitcher, how many managers try to still base with 2 outs, I believe he did it again today in the bottom of the 9th, Albert was out anyway and game over. Scioscia think he is smart because he knows to match a lefty with a lefty, big deal, sometimes even that doesn’t work . 

Upton took 2B in the 9th because they gave him the bag, not because Scioscia gave him a steal sign. it was ruled "catcher's indifference", which means he wasn't even credited with a stolen base for it. 

Also, there are times when it's a good idea to steal 2B with 2 outs. 

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Morris you don't even know what your watching when you complain about Upton taking second base on defensive indifference.

Seattle is not walking Pujols, he is nearly a toothless tiger these days and generates far more outs than hits. But even if he wasn't, Upton is not the tying run, neither is Pujols, so they are still going to pitch to Albert with 2 outs rather than walk him and put the tying run in the batters box.

You don't seem to understand the game and so it all seems so frustrating to you. 

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