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This is what's wrong with this team.

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Flecther in just 32 games has 28 hits while providing a .8 war for the season, while valubena in 90 games has only 52 hits while providing -.7 war. Yet it's took 70+ games for Flecther to become a full time time player. 

Fletcher- 295/333/411 With an 325 BABIP. provides contract, Speed and a really good defense 

Valbuena- Just terrible

There are many other players on this roster such as Marte, Kinsler that's can be replaced with Ward and Rengifo.

As a matter of fact, Kinsler has been playing really well the past 15 games and we should take full advantage of this and try to trade him Now and allow one of the youngsters to come up.

This game has changed, we are seeing the Yankees, Red Sox, Houstan running out there young players while we still have guys like Valbuena play in 90 games. Even if Ward, Rengifo may struggle, at this point it does hurt to see what they can do, and who knows we may find an hidden gem In Rengifo, ward Thasis or Fletcher. For example I believed Fletcher would have been Utl, but he's changing my view!

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They moved the RF fence in the wrong direction.  All the outfield fencing should be at least 425 feet away from home plate,  Put the fastest and best defensive players in the field.  This improves the starting and relief pitching.  The starting lineup should be Fletcher 3B, Rengifo 2B, Trout CF, Ohtani DH, Upton LF, Grandahl C, Simmons SS, Thaiss 1B, Calhoun RF.  Bench of Pujols, Cozart, Briceno, and someone new.  Get a good closer, and a healthy starter.  I would focus on using Ohtani as an offensive player, and a reliever instead of a starter.  He needs to gradually play more. 

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5 hours ago, Vlad27Trout27 said:

I think our hitters just aren't taking the full advantage of the lowered right wall.

i'm having lunch with all of them tomorrow. i'll share your thoughts with them and let you know what they say.

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