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Advice for visitors from the UK

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Hi all.....  we are looking, as a Family (2 adults ,a 13 year old and 10 year old) , to attend the Aug 6th Game.

this will be our first Baseball experience so i'm after some advice on places to sit and the best place to buy tickets.

i would be more interested in having good/fun people around me rather than having an amazing seat.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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The least expensive seats with a good view will be in the 400s - that's the top deck at Anaheim Stadium, but they're the lower section of the top deck (the 500s are higher up). The sections are numbered starting from the left field corner at 401 and going to about 433, which is in the right field corner. Behind home plate should be around 415-418.

The club seats are the 300s and are a nice place to sit, but a bit more expensive.

The 200s are the terrace seats, and while closer to the field, there's a big overhead hanging over you and it blocks big parts of the scoreboard, the fireworks when the Angels homer, and the path of a lot of fly balls.

The 100s are the field level seats, and they'll be the most expensive. If you sit along the third base line, have your kids (especially the younger one) go down the railing while the Angels are stretching and running. Mike Trout has been known to be friendly to the fans and sign autographs, especially for kids. No guarantees, of course, but worth a chance if it fits into your budget to sit there.

If you have plenty of cash to spend, try the Diamond Club. You'll sit directly behind home plate on the field level and it includes food service plus some kind of buffet.

Here's the Angels website, and you might some helpful info there: https://www.mlb.com/angels

Best wishes.

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I should also mention that for an afternoon game in August, you'll want to sit on the third base side so you can be in the shade. It'll be pretty dang hot then, and there's nothing fun about sitting in the sun, even for a game that starts at 7:00 pm.

The gates open at 5:30 and you can bring in your own food. They're a little more picky about beverages and the containers they come in, so best to probably buy drinks once you're inside. There are plenty of food options inside (there might be info on the website link), including vegetarian options. My daughter had the pizza recently, and it was pretty awful, just so you know.

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