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What is the significance of your username?

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1 hour ago, Blarg said:

Bumpy grimes sounds like an old skool hip hop dj. Taylor sounds like a white guy from Tustin. 

You chose poorly. 

I could be both of those things.

Just kidding. I've never been in Tustin for longer than 20 minutes.

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19 minutes ago, Brandon said:

I was given my name coming out of my mother's vagina. The strange thing is I was 4 when that happened.

Went with my real name because it's beyond gay to run into people at events or games and say, "Hey, nice to meet you, my name is TroutsBallsack99 on the board"

Completely agree.  

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Blarg actually came from my son way back when we used to go to an internet cafe to play Counter Strike. You would get a bunch of people together and rent computer time for gaming then one person would setup a server name you can all log on to.

He decided Blarg was funny and whenever we gamed it was the name we used. Eventually I started to use it as my screen name for gaming then message boards. Eventually it found it's way to urban dictionaries.


  1. A word that can be used as a nonsense word, oftentimes used to express frustration, but also sometimes used as a "random" word, a word used to convey humor.
    Blarg! I am sick of this.
    I was even going to get a personalized plate but it was already taken. Utah even got into the act.


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Tank is a nickname from when i played little league. i was about ten years old and a slow runner because i carried some weight with me - nothing horrific, but i wasn't a fast runner.

one day during practice, i hit a grounder threw the hole and got on base. next guy up knocks one into the gap and i start looking like pujols on the bases. one of my teammates yelled out "hurry up, wilson, you run as slow as a tank." well, that's all it took, and everyone - players, coaches, other teams, and even parents started calling me Tank or Tanker. I LOVED that nickname. got called that through the end of 8th grade. i changed from a public school during those years to a private school for my high school years, and the name disappeared. Revived it when i jumped online in the mid-90s and wish i had kept it as part of my life experience beyond 8th grade.

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It's a take-off on the movie True Grit and one of my all-time favorites Bobby Grich.

Names I use on other message boards...  Men Behaving Bradley, IndescentEXPOSure, Pocket full of Poseys, Cheater-cheater-Derek-Jeter,

Ok, I don't actually post on other message boards - but thought those would be funny names.

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23 hours ago, Taylor said:

Lou learning that I was the man previously called bumpygrimes (or he already knew that and was being sarcastic) got me thinking—what's the origin of your username?

My current username is my first name.

My previous enigmatic username (bumpygrimes) is a bit of an inside joke from my childhood. When I was, like, 6 years old, my little league team got to run out on the field before a minor league game with various members of the Quakes. Each Quakes player had one or two players from my team. I ran out alongside a guy named Stoney Briggs. After the game, my dad was trying to recall the name of the player I ran out with, and he said, "What was the name of that guy? Bumpy Grimes or something?"

For some reason, that butchering of Stoney Briggs's name became an inside joke between my dad and me. When I was 9 or 10, I created my first-ever message board account on the OMB. My username was "heyarnold," in honor of my favorite TV show. A few years later, I thought "heyarnold" was too childish, so I changed it to "bumpygrimes." Several years ago, I was tired of my name sounding like some obscure STD, so I officially became just Taylor.


I don't see nothing wrooooooooooooooong,

With a little bumpy griiiiiimes.

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22 hours ago, Stradling said:

Completely agree.  

That and when I did have a basic board name like most, we used to all hangout at places, go to games, events, or even befriend on social media and it was beyond embarrassing when someone would yell across the bar "Hey Glassjaw!" or "Glass!!" and they would post that on my Facebook wall for my friends, family, and business associates to see. Always had to gloss over that one when people would ask why I was called that.

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8 hours ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

I thought it was constantly asking latinos 2 stop creating undocumented families. 

Has all your racism been a lie?

I can see how you would think that.  

I do feel bad when you are disappointed in my lack of racism.

I’m sorry.






Until I say


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I probably have the worst name on the board. L is for Larry and halo is because of some shitty team I follow. I made it up to respond some lame comment on the ESPN board back in the day and kept it the same after we migrated here to keep it consistent. If anyone has a suggested name the would like me to use I’m all ears. Sorry calscuf, I think beaner and wetback my violate board policy. 

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