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MLB Trade Rumors-Poll:Worst Use of a Roster Spot (Guess who made the poll list?)


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Some Rule 5 guy always makes the list.

who was the Rule 5 infielder we got from Colorado who spent the season on the Halos bench about two/three years ago.

The guy was (I think) from the University of Georgia or some place like that -- and was a pretty good middle infielder with power -- went to Colorado Rockies and we got him as a Rule 5 pick. He then literally sat on the Halos bench the whole first half of the season......I think he got his first hit about a week into the second half.

talk about a wasted roster spot..........the worst part of it all was that at the end of the season, we designated the guy for assignment (like two weeks into the off-season).  Normally, when a team takes pains to keep a Rule 5 guy on the roster all season to retain his rights, they expect him to play an important role the next season OR, at the very least, they keep him within the organization- perhaps as a 4-A player at AAA for depth purposes.  Guy's name escapes me right now. We posted often here about his lack of play, Rule 5 status etc. not that long ago.

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Ah - I looked it up -- how soon we forget.......Taylor Featherston. He actually played in 101 games for the Halos in 2015 but I'm guessing most of those were in the second half of the season because I kind of remember the Halos broadcast team making a big deal over his first Halos hit at mid-season either right before the All Star Break or right after. I know he spent a full season on the Halos bench not getting into many games or many ABs.  During the second half of the season, I think Mike S. finally started using him to pinch run in late innings for guys like Pujols.

His college career was with TCU not University of Georgia.

Featherston went on to play for Philadelphia the following year and then Tampa Bay in 2017.

This year he went to spring training with the Minnesota Twins and did not make the opening day roster winding up at Rochester.

Just last week (June 25) he was released by the Twins organization/ Rochester and within a week signed on with the Independent League Kansas City Bones.

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1 hour ago, Torridd said:

How is Pujols the worst player on our roster?

Because at least Valbuena and Calhoun give you some value on defense. Pujols is awful at hitting, awful at fielding, and awful at running. The Angels are going to have to do this the hard way, because for some reason Albert refuses to face the music, even while sporting a sub .700 OPS.

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25th spot is important.

I'd say a difference between the perennial contenders and then everyone else -- is the money spent on roster spots 21-25.

teams with quality depth bench and pens (and contracts to match -- most teams unwilling to spend big dollars for the versatile speedy utility player who PR in the late innings and brings home the tying/ winning run and then goes out plays MIF defense..........or the not quite set up guy, not closer, not the pre-set up guy but the guy who can do those roles if called upon but is sort of the long reliever/ 5th/6th inning pre-pre set up guy..........often it's some unproven rookie or fading vet trying to hang on..........on the better teams its a guy being paid near rotation money who gets the ball in the fifth/ sixth inning-- the bridge to the back end guys,  It those players on the roster who make a huge difference.

the better teams have quality players there.

the others have rookies or 4-A types.

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