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Do we need offense even more than bullpen help?


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Just now, bloodbrother said:

They been consistently one of the highest payrolls for years. What they need to do is improve their goddamn player evaluating because their FA signings have been abysmal

The issue has been with past FA signings that are still crippling this team...well...one is still crippling it and will continue to do so until 2021.

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The offense is the biggest problem, IMO. Need the guys to perform to at least their career norms. 

Valbuena is puzzling. Not a typical Scioscia kind of player. Doesn't put the ball in play and strikes out too much. 

Fletcher IS a Scioscia type!! Play the kid every day!

Kinsler is just done.

I could go on... but don't have energy.


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A Closer is still need in out Bullpen. For the Offensive side, i believe there are 2 positions (2nd & 3rd that need to be filled and can be done internally, with Fletcher at  2nd and Ward at 3rd. 

The biggest issue i have with our offense is that they are too pull happy and this needs to change. Outside of Fletcher, Simmons and Trout everyone else is in pull-mode. I think 7 out of the 9 guys in our starting rotation had a shift on with the opposite side was  open for them. Justin Turner is the perfect example of this, today he was ahead 1-0 in the count and instead of trying to pull the ball he went with it and lined it to right-field for two RBi's with 2 outs.  

I always had this belief against out line-up the past few years, if i was an manger that had a guy on the mound and he had ok Fb/Change combo  i'd tell him to stat on the outside and just show in a few times until they make the right adjustment, well we face 5 pitchers in a row that haves pitched us similarity and we've yet to make this adjustment. 

I think this has to start with Pujols himself, i still believe that he still is has an solid ability to go to right field and i think he'll have much better numbers. 

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I don’t see them putting a team for the next 2-3 years that can touch New York, Boston, or Houston. It kills me to say it but we have a solid minor league system but it won’t make an impact for at least a couple more years. Ohtani, Trout, Simmons, Fletcher are solid on offense but what do they have after that? Thaiss and Ward MIGHT make an impact on offense but that’s about it. Adell, Ward, Jones etc.. are 2-3 years away. 


We need an upgrade at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and RF. Upton is not an ideal 3 hitter he’s good as a supplemental player batting anywhere from 5th-7th. We don’t have any other MOTO bats besides Trout, and we struggle to have consistency at the leadoff spot. None of our pitchers can stay healthy. Maybe I’m just negative because of the way this season has gone but I still believe we are a ways off. 


This is is why I believe they need to call up players such as Canning, Suarez, Thaiss, Ward, etc... they need to see if they are going to help next year or not. Can Thaiss fill the 1st base role? Is Ward able to take over 3rd while we shift Cozart to 2nd? Is Fletcher the 2nd baseman?, is he the 3rd baseman? Is Canning deserving of a rotation spot? Is Suarez a bullpen arm or a guy that’s going to fill a rotation spot as well. 


Dont go into next year with question marks all over the roster. If we can fill a few spots in house and add some good free agents we might be able to make the playoffs.


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we need to clean house.

We are sellers - and we certainly are not buyers.

we have some assets to sell and should do so -- Calhoun (Cleveland needs an OF'er - so does SF and there are others -- may not get top value for Calhoun given the year he's had -- but he can help some team down the stretch.........I just saw Cleveland in KC (two games) -- they have injuries with OF'ers and could use a bat out there. Calhoun might be a different hitter with some protection/ better line up around him.........with Calhoun this year we may have seen him decline as Pujols declines as it's not the same hitter(s) around his spot in the line up -- hard to say........meanwhile, I was in SF for the two St. Louis games Thursday/ Friday -- Giants are playing an infielder (Hanson) who can hit pretty well  - in LF -- it cost them about five runs in Thursday's game and some more on Friday........catchable fly balls became extra base hits (with runners on base).......Calhoun could play LF for the Giants.

We also have RIchards -- who may be our ace --- hard to tell these days -- I say deal our players and let's get moving on a new start for 2019 (including a new skipper).

I'd keep, Trout, Ohtani, Simmons and Maldonado. Pujols we're keeping because he has s few years left on that ten year deal and no one wants him or his contract.

Everyone else (except for our top minor league pitching prospect(s)) should be available for the right price at deadline time.

We're done for 2018. Buying now to compete for the second Wild Card spot when the team we have really can't compete even if we made the playoffs makes no sense.

Let's try to re-build and have a plan that includes extending Trout.

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8 minutes ago, BackUpTheTruck said:

When healthy, we have plenty of starting pitching and offense going forward. Assembling a dominant bullpen would do wonders for this team.

Money aside, I do not think Upton and Pujols are the Angels' problem on offense. Kinsler, Valbuena, and Calhoun are. I think 2019 Fletcher and Cozart will be much better than Kinsler and Valbuena. 

Unless the Angels are flexible enough to play Fletcher in right next year and audition Ward and Fernandez for third base in 2018, a short-term FA acquisition for RF may be needed to replace Kole. 

I would also audition Blash in 2018.  3 outcome player (strikeout, walk, or HR).  Two of those outcomes make me happy.

In 2020, Ohtani will likely pitch again, along with Canning, Suarez, Barria, Heaney, and Skaggs.  Calhoun's contract is off the books. Bullpen should be way better in 2020 than it is now.

I think the Angels can compete for a playoff spot in 2019 with a better bullpen and upgraded offense, and the WS in 2020 with a complete lineup and Shohei Ohtani as our ace.

Blash already failed his audition.

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