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Angels Trade Candidate: Ian Kinsler


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At first glance, it seems that Kinsler would be a potential DFA candidate.  He's one of the reasons why the offense has under performed.   But let's take a look at why he might actually have some value on the trade market.  

Because of his defense, the Angels have the 8th highest 2b performance value.  Which is pretty incredible considering what we've seen from him.  It's also amazing that there are that many teams who have such a black hole at 2b.  

While it's clear that teams like the Astros, Cubs, Braves, Phills, Yanks and Mariners are probably set, the Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, Brewers, Nats, Indians, Cardinals, and Dbacks have all been worse.  Actually, the M's have been worse as well getting -0.4 WAR from Gordon while he's been there, but I doubt they would be someone we'd help improve.  I also have my doubts that we'd trade with the Dogs.  but who knows.  

Here's  breakdown of what some of these other teams have vs. Kinsler

2b rank, team,  WAR, individual players WAR

8th Angels  1.7 WAR (Kinsler 1.1 WAR, Cozart 0.5 WAR)

14th  Mariners 0.9 WAR (Cano 1.5 WAR, Gordon -0.4 WAR)
17th  DBacks 0.6 WAR (Ketel Marte 0.2 WAR, Owings 0.1 WAR)
18th  Cardinals  0.6 WAR (Greg Garcia 0.6 WAR, Wong 0.4 WAR)
19th  Indians 0.6 WAR (Kipnis 0.8 WAR)
20th  Nationals 0.5 WAR (Kendrick 0.4 WAR out for the season, Daniel Murphy 0.1 WAR and playing 1b, Wilmer Difo 0.0 WAR)
22rd  Brewers 0.3 WAR (Villar 0.3 WAR)
24th  Giants -0.1 WAR (Panik 0.3 WAR)
26th  Dodgers -0.5 WAR (Muncy 0.3 WAR)
28th  Red Sox -0.8 WAR (Holt 0.0, Pedroia -0.1)

Primary considerations would be Dbacks, Nats, Brewers, Dogs (if they don't believe Max Muncy can keep doing what he's doing) and Boston if they don't think Pedroia will be back.  

What if he's the sweetener to Milwaukee or Arizona along with Richards that could net us a top 100 guys?  Certainly not going to get that on his own.  But we got Rengifo for Cron.  So on his own he's worth not nothing.  Maybe Boston recognizes that he's a pulled fly ball machine and gets him to bang balls off the monster for half a season.  

We acquired him for Wilkel Hernandez and Troy Montgomery.  Getting a Hernandez type back for him now would be great.


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2 hours ago, ettin said:

*goes and crumples up 2018 trade deadline series articles*

HA!  sorry.  this was just to whet people's appetite.  Now they need some detail.   I guess I'll erase what I was going to say about Richards 

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18 hours ago, Dochalo said:

HA!  sorry.  this was just to whet people's appetite.  Now they need some detail.   I guess I'll erase what I was going to say about Richards 

No go for it I just started writing them and with the new job I am not sure I can finish them. Even if I do we may have different takes on it so plow ahead young Skywalker. ?

Besides I enjoy your takes anyway. ?

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8 hours ago, Angels#1Fan said:

I'm sure we'd get a BIG haul for Kinsler in a trade. {rolleyes:]

Not a huge haul coming back but his 15 doubles and 11 homers put him on estimated 50 plus extra base hit year . Much higher numbers than most 2B men ... I am not thrilled with his batting average or on base % which are dreadful but his pop especially in June may draw some interest . In June he had 5 2b- 8 HRs .

I would be curious to see what the Yankees would offer for Richards  .  Assuming the standings don't change the rest of season . This is a small sampling I grant you but Richards over his last three starts vs Houston has pitched 18 innings and given up 1 earned run I believe . Earlier this season he was shutting out Seattle through 6 innings - oh course his last outing vs. Seattle he was injured early . 

Those would be Yankee opponents come playoff time and they have little pitching strength beyond Severino .  

Torres fell into their lap from the Chapman to Cubs trade a few years ago --- But where did they find Andujar and Judge ?  Don't know who their scouts are but they are pretty good at their jobs.

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