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Last time we were 11 games back this early

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In May 2001 there were two World Trade Centers in New York, and gas was $1.46 per gallon.  There is about as much correlation between the 2013 Angels vs. the 2001 Angels as what the world is like today as to what it was in May 2001.

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Wasn't 2001 the year Seattle won 120 games? The Halos were probably better in 2001.

Seattle won 116 that year. The Angels were better in 2001, but the Mariners were in another world.


As late as September 7, the Angels were five games over .500 at 73-68 but 28 games back. Then they went into the tank and lost 19 of their final 21 games.

We were 4-15 vs the Mariners that year.

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Other seasons when we were 11 games back (soon to be 12)


2010: 11 games back for the first time on September 14...finished the season 80-82, 3rd place in AL West.


2003: 11 games back for the first time on June 9th, finished 77-85, 3rd place.


2001: May 12th, finished 75-87, 3rd place.


1999: June 21st, finished 70-92, 4th place.


1996: August 9th, finished 70-91, 4th place.


1993: August 17th, finished 71-91, 4th place.


1992: June 10th, finished 72-90, 5th place.


1990: May 10th, finished 80-82, 4th place.

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All the optimist here have to face it, we aren't making the playoffs even with 2 wild cards spots, hell even if there were 4 wild cards spots we wouldn't make it.  




Playoffs?  This team will be lucky to end the season above .500

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