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If Ohtani DHs regularly


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14 minutes ago, Torridd said:

Piggybacking on True Grich's comment in The Blame Game thread regarding Ohtani, what happens if Ohtani is able to DH? How does that affect Pujols, Valbuena, etc.? 

I think that we’ve kinda hit the hurricane eye of the storm. We have some older players that will be transitioning out and a few injuries that need to heal. We have Trout’s contract extension looming. It’s going to happen eventually but not as fast as we’d like. 

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Eppler also told us that Ohtani is likely to return as a hitter no matter what the outcome of the PRP injection, “but took this course obviously because we’d like him to pitch for us “ this year. Ohtani would’ve been cleared sooner if only a DH
I think that has been the likely outcome all along....
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1 hour ago, failos said:

I rather not see Ohtani pitch with the way this season is going. It’s not worth the risk.

The one good thing about pitching is building some innings up.   Otherwise next season, he would likely only be able to give them about 120 innings due to lack of innings for two years running.    But it's likely anyway that even with good outcome for the injection, he won't be able to pitch until September.  Hasn't it usually been some 4 months from date of injection before returning to a MLB mound?

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3 hours ago, True Grich said:

Trent Rush @TrentRushSports 12h12 hours ago

Angels w/ Ohtani: 26-17

Angels w/o Ohtani: 15-22

This stat is misleading since Ohtani was only playing, in some capacity, in about half the Angel games when he was not on the DL. He has only appeared in 39 games, including pitching, this season. Thirty at DH and nine on the mound.

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