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There she is...

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The Miss America Pageant is undergoing big changes. Gone is the swimsuit competition. The new pageant management - all women - have said that they are going to get away from judging contestants on their looks. No word on whether they will choose random women off the street in each state.

Makes me wonder if they will get away from having a winner at all and just have participation trophies. My guess is that this will cease to be televised within the next 2-3 years. 

Miss America is scrapping the swimsuit portion from its pageant


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24 minutes ago, Scioscia4MVP said:

It'll end up being cancelled after it loses money & viewers. While some other beauty contest that still has bikini competitions will make do well.
I mean its called a beauty contest cause its about physical beauty, not "best personality contest".

Jesus, your grammar is atrocious.

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2 hours ago, Brandon said:

Why does grammar matter on a place where you write?

In general, I don't have any qualms with dumb people.

Cause i don't take forums seriously enough much like twitter. In general I could careless about people that troll forums complaining about grammar.

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8 hours ago, Scioscia4MVP said:

Why does that matter so much on a forum ?


6 hours ago, Scioscia4MVP said:

Cause i don't take forums seriously enough much like twitter. In general I could careless about people that troll forums complaining about grammar.

This is what I would say in response to Brandon as well if I happened to be an idiot.

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7 hours ago, Ray McKigney said:

Damn, people here are dicks.

I know what you mean, I seriously wonder how long Brandon has managed to stay here on this board without getting banned.

It might not occur to Brandon that some people with Asperger syndrome like me never cared for grammar when it doesn't matter, sometimes its cause when I convert my words to writing not all of it comes out correctly while verbally everything I say comes out fine & his insults are offensive to me. He seems like the kind of guy who bullied people in school, I dealt with people like him in school until I finally stood up for myself & punched a bully in the face after getting hit, I have a strong resistance to pain due to my condition. Never had bully problems again.

Often he adds nothing to the topic of the thread & insists on derailing it into attacking other people, elitism & being anal about grammar on a web forum about sports, as though people spend enough time on a forum to use proper grammar. 90% of tweets on twitter have bad grammar (sometimes thanks to auto correct etc), I see no reason to use good grammar on a sports fan forum anyways.

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Oh shut the f*ck up with your victim mentality. I don't even know who you are or post that much on here outside of a few topics.

You made a ton of lazy grammatical errors and I simply mentioned it in a post, to which you asked why grammar is important on a medium that is exactly just that. That's not bullying you drama queen. I don't go out of my way to hunt you down or make fun of you. I also don't have Twitter or use it, so I don't really care that teenage girls write "u" instead of "you".

You also state you have no desire to use good grammar here, but then also try to hide behind a medical condition (and talking about punching someone in the face for some reason)....it doesn't have a lot of validity or hold a lot of weight when you state you are being lazy.

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