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And in Fast Food News Part 2

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There’s a huge difference in the chicken you get in the states compared to here in the Middle East. American chicken is huge and fatty and tastes like nothing. Over here it’s much leaner and tastier and about 60% as big. And you can get a whole chicken fresh off the rotisserie for less then $4

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My sister and brother-in-law took the family to Chic-Fil-A the other day. Brother-in-law is San Diego swat. Chic-Fil-A saw his badge and cut their bill from $30 to $15.  My sister has been strugg

It's chess for dumb people.

30 years ago today I was rehired at INO.  Super crazy to think of how much things have changed over the years and what this company has done for me.  It has given me a ton of friends, a comfortable li

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2 hours ago, m0nkey said:

If you’re in the area anyway, I agree.  But the whole parking process is too much of a mess to justify visiting that in n out by itself. 

That's why its the best In N Out! I live just around the corner so the walk burns off the bottom bun and then I can feel better about it. Last time I went I timed it, from out my door and back in 15 minutes.

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Went to Wendy's for the first time in years.  As pure fast food goes, I think its one of the better ones.  Got my burger quick.  The burger actually looked like the picture.  Meat wasn't dried out, had some juice to them, and you could tell you were eating a burger.  They had a good amount of toppings, not too much, but not the bare minimum.  IMO, Wendy's and In N Out seem to be the only fast food burgers that deliver a good burger consistently.

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