The Official TROUTstanding Thread

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10 hours ago, Stradling said:

Just looked it up and he was 1st in 2012.  

They couldn't have used a smaller font or split the years into two columns? F'ing MLB Network

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For gits and shiggles, here's the Fangraphs  version:

1. Trout 73.4

2. Cobb 68.8

3. Mantle 67.9

4. Hornsby  64.6

5. Foxx 64.6

And here's age 28, what Trout vies for in 2020:

1. Cobb 78.6

2. Hornsby 77.0

3. Mantle 74.8

4. Trout 73.4 (-5.2)

5. Foxx 71.3

If healthy, Trout should be the age 28 leader before the All-Star break and shortly after be the 39th position player with 80+ career fWAR.

Sorry,  tdawg.

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