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Time to Predict Scoiscia's Post Game Comments

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Joe missed a location or two. All in all he really didn't pitch all that badly, and he certainly pitched better than the stats indicated. The ball was comin' out of his hand well, unfortunately a couple of guys managed to get some wood on the ball. Joe's gonna work down in the pen between games with Butch, they'll work on some things and get him where he needs to be. Joe has had some bad luck issues and some flies in the ointment, due to the scheduling and whatnot he's pitched against a lot of other teams' ace pitchers. Otherwise, he's eatin' some innings up for us. This is just one of those nights when the plate didn't align, and you just gotta tip your cap to the other guy.


Our hitters are startin' to get where they need to be. Eppy has been workin' overtime in the cages. It is hard, though, to get momentum goin' towards where it needs to be when guys are scuffling with the new schedule changes this season. Some guys are are feeling the effects of the layover, but they'll keep grinding.

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''The ball was coming out of Blanty's arm well tonight. It had a good zip to it. He just couldn't stay in rhythm. He told me pregame that he tried some new watermelon flavored shampoo. I might go pick it up on my way home. Honestly the Royals hitters just put good wood on alot of those pitches. Nothing you can do there other than tip the cap.''

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LOL @ Mendoza has good action on his pitches. He had great sink on the ball. We have a dynamic offense, well conditioned, disciplined, and well coached, but still guys had some trouble early on squarin' up some balls. Mendoza is one of those suprise kids that we may see in Cy Young discussions. Not much you can do about that when a guy like that is poundin' the zone. His wicked stuff has kept the whole league scratchin' their heads and tipping their caps.

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Blanton said he felt pretty good on the mound tonight. They just played one of his comments on AngelTalk.


"Just one or two hits led to three or four runs."

lol yeah.  but the other hits let those guys on so they could score on those couple hits. 

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