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Chad Cordero


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My report on Cordero from my scouting trip a couple weeks back...


His fastball wasn’t overly impressive, but he used two different versions that kept hitters from making consistent contact.  One was a 90 mph type that didn’t move a lot but hitters were generally behind a lot on.  The other was an 87 mph type that had sinking action to it.  When he throws this for a strike, he can generate ground balls.  But his offspeed pitches need some work.  His curve/slider was loopy, not as tight as it needed to be and he hung it.  This is a bad combo.  There were a couple times that he managed to bury the pitch and hitters were badly fooled though, so there is promise.  Still, later in the year, if Cordero tightens up his offspeed pitch and is able to command the zone with his two fastballs, I could see him contributing to the big league club. 

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Not so much.  Lowe looked good on his rehab assignment and has looked good since coming off the DL.  His fastball becomes considerably more formidable when he's able to mix in his slider low int he zone for a strike, which he's done for a bit this year.  Lowe can be an extremely good reliever.  


With Cordero, a bit more has to go right.  He has to keep his 87 mph sinking fastball low and on the outer half and his 90 mph 4 seamer on the inner half under the hands.  Then he needs to make sure he's snapping off that breaking ball and putting it in a spot where the hitters can't touch it.  


Both can be really good, it's just a matter of them putting it together.  They both deserve a shot though. 

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Didn't want to put him on the prospect list but I do want to mention him. 


ERA under 4 for the Bees, 12 Ks, looks pretty good.  I'm guessing he gets a shot soon.

Why not? Everybody ELSE in the organization has.


The shuttles from SLC, Little Rock, and San Bernardino are like doorknobs. Everyone gets a turn.

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