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Devin Nunes is an insincere, freedom-infringing, sycophantic and wholly unscrupulous career politician.

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I found it funny that Ryan was talking about civil liberties after he and Congress voted to continue warrantless searches

Because I've been on a serious Carlin kick   “Government want to tell you things you can't say because they're against the law, or you can't say this because it's against a regulation, or here'

I Chuckled. 

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1 minute ago, Lou said:

I'm guessing it was because profanity isn't allowed in thread titles.




you dumbshit 

Only took them a year, and a half to make the change.

Is this Nazi Germany? Because it kind of feels like Nazi Germany. You know, the kind of place where someone would sue a fake 🐄 twitter account.

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14 hours ago, st1ckboy said:

Seriously. Whomever did is as big of a piece of shit as Devin Nunes.

I'm responsible for changing the thread title. You're lucky you got "piece of work" out of me. I love Devin Nunes and how he takes a massive Schiff on the entire democratic panel at these impeachment hearings. I think most of you liberals are some triggered snowflakes and funny, but I stay out of this forum for good reason.

As I said in other threads, title your threads respectfully because they're fed to our homepage www.AngelsWin.com. 

This is primarily an Angels website not a social media outlet like Twitter or Facebook for you to take a Schiff on people without consequence. Respect the privilege you have to talk politics here without causing problems or I can make this political forum go fully private or away for good.

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15 hours ago, Taylor said:

Which snowflake mod edited the thread title?

@Taylor I don't think you would post on your Facebook page that Devin Nunes is a piece of shit knowing a little about you, so if you wouldn't do it there why is it OK here? 

People that visit this website don't need to see that in a thread title or on my homepage. If it's in the discussion thread after the first post, I don't really care.

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