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It was announce that Classic Rock Station 100.3 The Sound has been sold.  In the next 45 days they will change their music format to contemporary Christian.

The Sound started up in 2008 and brought back some of the talent from the heydays of the Might MET - KMET, and KLOS.

Hopefully the veterans like Uncle Joe Benson, Cynthia Fox, Rita Wilde, Mary Price and Mimi Chen (Peace, Love and Sunday mornings) will find a new home where they can continue to bring listeners Classic Rock 'n Roll.

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55 minutes ago, Slegnaac said:

Certainly less each year as older cars are replaced with network / satellite enabled cars.  

Not even that. I know some people with real buckets that simply add an input jack cable to stream from their phone.

Unless you straight up have a cassette player that requires the tape player input so your Sony CDMAN plays.

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3 hours ago, Brandon said:

people still listen to the radio?

I listen to this station at work on my computer.  It's not just about the music (which I love, being an hippie chick), but listening to the stories that Uncle Joe Benson tells about the artists and songs is cool.  Oh well, back to pandora or amazon.

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1 minute ago, BaseballMom said:

I listen to this station at work on my computer.  

My employer has a fit about stuff like this. Most of our facilities are in rural areas, and we don't have the greatest internet service to begin with. Streaming eats up so much bandwidth that if many people do it, it slows everything down for everyone else.

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