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Can't Park a Wrapped (Advertising) Car at Angels Stadium

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2 minutes ago, yk9001 said:

Why is this banned?  

I am not getting it.

If it's the City of Anaheim making noise and not the Angels, it may be that the City feels you're doing business within city limits and requires a business license.  I know the city of Stanton tries to make any/all commercial vehicles that travel through the city limits apply for a business license. 


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This it total BS.

My car says CHEVROLET across the back.  License plate frames advertise all kinds of things.  What about a pickup truck with "Mastercraft" huge sticker across the back window or even BF Goodrich sticker on an off road truck?

So do they refuse cars with Angels stickers too??

Wrapping a vehicle with a message is pefectly legal.  My opinion is they should go bite themselves.

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1 hour ago, jdodd said:

So, Finally got a call back and was told i COULD drive our van to the stadium since we season seat holders.But that will definetly be a problem next year as I do not plan on renewing for 2018.

I would love to see the written policy on that issue. Can a season ticket holder automatically supersede the rules of a city ordinance? I call B.S. on the ticket rep that shared that information. As a season ticket holder from 2008-2012 w parking I never saw any written policy about this. The single ticket buyer would be discriminated against with this action.  

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On 10/1/2017 at 5:07 PM, jdodd said:

       I plan on calling tomorrow. Seriously though, this is probably last nail in coffin. I have had 3 reps this year. I told the last and present one Marcus Simms last month we might not renew. It seemed like it was not  a huge loss to him. This year the Angels did away with the option to purchase all promotional items in a box. I have purchased my limit and donated all to a local Christmas Toy drive for years.

And the resale value of my upper view mvp tickets is almost zero dollars. I will still attend  games just buy ticket's when i want to go.

My wife and I thought about buying 2018 season tickets. There is no way we’d go to 81 games though. If we sold some we’d never make our money back,  So we just decided to pass. It’s honestly easier buying a $4 ticket hours before the game of you’re choice and finding a seat.

we like the bobbleheads and this year I kid you not I did not pay more than $12 a ticket for any of those giveaway games

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