Baseball Photo Trivia

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More hints:


#1 is in the top ten all-time in hits, first place all-time in sacrifice bunts, and first in games played as a second baseman.

#4 had an awful lot of complete games.

#5 is also in the top ten in career hits, and won eight batting titles in the NL.

#6 is top five all-time in shutouts, and holds the all-time ML record for shutouts in a season with 16.

#8 played for both Philadelphia teams in his career (A's and Phillies) and in one season hit over .400

#10 had a wicked fastball and a lot of shutouts.



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4 is Cy Young. Having trouble with these other ones. 

You got Cy Young.


#10 is the all-time leader in shutouts. I had mistakenly written 2nd in my previous hint. 

#10 also pitched for 21 seasons for the same American League team. He retired in 1927.

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so gotta be Sisler, Johnson, matthewson, mack, ruth, young?

No Mathewson in that photo.




So far, using the numbers for the bottom row (L to R) as 1,2,3,4 and the top row (L to R) as 5,6,7,8,9,10,


we've got 


2) Babe Ruth

3) Connie Mack

4) Cy Young


9) George Sisler

10) Walter Johnson

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