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Ricky Nolasco Innings Watch

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So he's made 21 starts with 119.0 ip.  

We have exactly 60 games left.  So He could make approximately 12-13 more starts.  He's averaging 5.667 ip per start right now.  

If he averages 6ip per start the rest of the way and pitches another 13 games, he'll accumulate 78 more innings which will give him 197.  

He needs 202.1 to vest his 13m option.  So 83.1 ip over the rest of the season.  Over 13 starts, he needs 6.4 ip per start.  

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No way he gets to the vested player option. He will be getting his $1M bye bye check. I believe that at least half of the 2017 roster won't be around for 2018. Since most of them sucked, got hurt and couldn't be moved at the deadline they will be DFA'd. Eppler is going to fix this mess and he's going to be crude about it, as he should be if he wants to win.

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A bruised butt should slow him down, that will scrub off about 10 innings, LOL.

If we see Skaggs, Heaney and Shoemaker return for a few starts that will end it for sure.  I find it hard to get too bummed out about Chavez and Nolasco.  I didn't expect much, and they actually ate up a lot of innings for us this year when we had our backs to the wall with injuries.  A few of Nolasco's starts were actually terrific, but these two are well past being consistently effective.  Chavez belongs in the bullpen as a mop up guy, he would probably be better than Pounders.

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I don't know a bout that Scotty.  I think he'll get every opportunity to do it.  It's part of Scioscia's DNA.  Anytime there is a contract that is tied to innings he tries to make it happen.

Been his M.O. since Ken Hill in 2000.

He will get the starts and a long hook. It will be up to Nolasco to take advantage of it.

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