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Jodi Arias

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I just watched a Dateline special about her. Didn't know much about the trial at all. That chick is whacked. She seems like she'd be wild in the sack though. One of the psychologists that interviewed her numerous times said her bipolar disorder basically equates her to the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction. The guy she killed told her he would never marry her because she wasn't a Mormon virgin (even though he wasn't either = hyprocrite) and she wasn't going to let him go. Nutty b*tch.

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I have taken care of a lot of people with bipolar disorder. While most of them don't go as far as killing, they engage in a lot of compulsive and risky behavior (drug/alcohol abuse, promiscuity, spending sprees, everything in excess). One patient told me "It's like being on amphetamines, only I don't have to take anything." They go for days, sometimes weeks, with little or no sleep, then when they crash they may sleep for 24-48 hours straight. Some of them become psychotic from sleep deprivation. The condition is usually treated successfully with Lithium or Depakote (I have also seen Neurontin used in some stubborn cases), but the issue is keeping patients on their meds. They start to miss the manic high and all the energy it gives them, and they stop taking medication.


From talking to the spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends of these people, relationships with them are a roller coaster ride I would never want to go on.

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Here's something crazy. Before she shot him she took pictures of him. In this photo you can see her pointing a gun and a camera at him in the reflection of his eye.


That's a 10 on the creepy scale.


I can kind of see the camera, but that's about it. Looks like a blurry mess.

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