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new issues that popped up



not life altering issues, but wanted to mention it in case there was something else attached or for qc purposes since i know chuck wants an optimal experience.

these have been happening recently, and consistent enough over a two-four week time frame. however, both issues have been sporadic during the time frame. i'm on mac os.

first issue is this loading error below. it's not as consistent every time i come to the board, but still pops up once to twice a day the past week. i only get this on this site.

the other issue is also sporadic, but consistent over the same time frame. whenever i come to the board or even open a thread it automatically kicks me down the page to the angels calendar and what looks like a video ad over the one of the days. while that isn't that big of an issue and i'm sure it's an ad to help fund the site, the site doesn't let me scroll away from it as if i do it keeps kicking me down to the calendar no matter where i scroll and doesn't stop until i click into a thread and even then throws one last auto scroll until the thread loads. just kind of odd and i'm guessing it's just one ad since it doesn't do it every time i come to the site, board, or thread.


Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.37.27 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.51.39 AM.png

Edited by Brandon
auto scroll just happened and i got a pic
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Hi @Brandon, thank you for the feedback. 

I know exactly what your first issue is. Basically since there are so many ads being run in the background it takes a bunch of browser memory/resources and if it just sits there for let's say 30-60 min with no activity, sometimes it will just timeout and thus stop the page. A simple refresh resolves this. 

The second issue is something I've never heard of however. That's strange. Though since I don't have a Mac or use Safari, that's probably why I'm not seeing it. 

I will be posting something today that will give people the option of not seeing these ads if they pay for a lifetime service or annual service. 

$100 for a lifetime (Which some have purchased) and $25 for a year, which about 25+ are currently on. 

Note: If you do pay for the ad-free service, you still will see three ads, though they're not intrusive or media in nature. They don't take up any resources or play videos. They load fast. It's just the header 720 x 80 pixels, 300 x 200 ad after first post/thread and the footer logo. 

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gotcha, and it makes sense. i recently purchased mac cleaning software recently to clean up a lot of behind the scenes stuff and it has worked great and noticed i haven't had the issues as frequent.

i'll throw you the hundred bones. you've put your heart and soul into this place and it's been a great ride for over a decade. anything to help keep us having good times, dude.

side note, that black square over the calendar space is the video, looks like when i print screen'd it it shows black opposed to a video still. it's like it kicks me down there until the video finishes or i bounce to another thread.

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