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Some hope for the farm re: pitching

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Even though the upper tier of Halos hitting prospects have come out of the gate with a whimper namely Cowart, Lindsey, Witherspoon, Grichuk, there are a bunch of lower level arms that have been impressive so far.  Anyone with some info on the following guys would be much appreciated


Class A

Scoggins, Diaz, Crowley, Efferson, Keudell, Krehbeil, Boyd, Spomer


Class High A

Morin, Cendejas, Powell (guys we know about Kelley, Wood, Sappington)



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Of the guys you mentioned, Crowley, Efferson, Boyd and Spomer are essentially non prospects.  Not much upside there.


Scoggins - Hard FB, sharp slider, stretching him out.

Diaz - Moved from SP to RP, seems to have worked.  Saw him in Angels ST a bit.

Keudell is old - 23 - and was just released by the Rays before the year.  Not sure if there's much there.

Krehbiel - Young, power FB, working on secondary's.


Morin I'm really excited about. Unreal changeup.

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Here's what I got on these guys.  Normal I'd make a post about it over at MWAH but there isn't enough here to produce an article.  


- Two years ago at the trade deadline, the Angels were pursuing Uehara from the Orioles at the trade deadline.  The Orioles asked for Fabio Martinez (who was hurt at the time) and Jairo Diaz.  I remember asking this person, who was working for the Orioles at the time but is now employed by the Angels who the heck Jairo Diaz was.  I was told that he was a power arm with high upside who the O'd felt was being misused by the Angels. Obviously this trade never went through, but that's when Diaz first landed on my radar.  Saw him last Spring and there really wasn't much to see from his bullpen session.  Saw him this ST, looked like he had fantastic stuff, a hard, heavy fastball with movement, but his mechanics were everywhere but where they needed to be. 


- As for Morin, the Angels were really excited about him when they got him in the draft.  I was told that he may have been the best college reliever in the draft but was still quite a gamble because most felt like his fastball didn't play up a level.  The Angels took a chance knowing full well they were betting on a reliever who threw high 80's and worked his change up extremely well.  By the time he got to Spring Training this year, he was touching 92-93 with consistency and the change up was even more effective.  He's shown extreme willingness to learn and train like a big leaguer.  It's one of those tools you can't find on many scouting reports. 

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scoggins 3ip 0h 7k today. 



Big upside and potential if he can command the strikezone better. So far so good this season. 


Top 50 Los Angeles Angels Prospect List (2013)


31. Reid Scoggins (RHP)

Bats: Right, Throws: Right Height: 6' 3", Weight: 210 lb.

Born: July 18, 1990 in Dallas, Texas, US (Age 22)

(AZL Angels/Cedar Rapids): 1-0, 4.43 ERA, 18 BBs, 41 Ks, 20.1 IP

Scoggins was a 15th round selection in the 2012 draft, with the Angels banking on his fastball.  Reports this season show Scoggins hitting triple digits on the gun multiple times.  His fastball/slider combination is vicious but sometimes he has no idea where it is going, as seen by his 8.0 BB/9.  Basically, Scoggins is Nuke LaLoosh. In his recent chat with AngelsWin.com, Ric Wilson described Scoggins as "A young Junior College guy [we took] out of Texas big arm 95-98 with a power slider".  If Scoggins can find some command, he profiles as a future closer.

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Scoggins is the ideal mid teens round pick.

Props to Ric Wilson for changing the draft course from pretty much HS talent to an ideal mix of HS and college talent. 

As barren as the upper farm system is, college players will help to fill in that weakness quicker.

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