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Maybe she means she's his first partner tonight before he plows through some of his cabinet members and/or their wives. 

Which, scientifically, is ludicrous.  

I went to Burger King yesterday and slipped the cashier a note that said:   "slide me a plastic straw, but don't break eye contact."    Esmerelda had no idea. 

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4 hours ago, Adam said:

The most irritating part about this is i dont think i want to know where the money will go cause every other bullshit thing like this hasnt help those morons balance a budget 

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3 hours ago, Tank said:

Thanks. I read it and on the surface it sounds like a good idea. What's the objection to this, and why will it cause gas prices to go up?

I think the main issue is that nobody can really predict what oil prices will do in the future. Apparently this article spins the cap and trade as a good thing. I believe I read that the cap and trade plan has increased gas prices 11% since its initial inception in 2006. I'm not 100% sure how all this work either but I do know that California is not good for the taxpayer

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48 minutes ago, gotbeer said:

California bill would boost electric car rebates by $3 billion, but where will the money come from?

Nothing like spending $3 billion you don't have, to finance companies like Tesla that have a huge market cap. 

I'm not a climate change denier but when they act like it's the single most important thing this is the kind of shit that happens. Such stupidity 

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The Libotards Climate Change Champion at work.

Jerry Brown talks a green game. So why isn't California tougher on these polluters?


In a news release last week, Tucker charged that numerous decisions by the Brown administration have boosted stock at Sempra Energy, where his sister Kathleen has profited handsomely as a board member. Tucker noted that SoCalGas, a subsidiary of Sempra, got the go-ahead from Brown-appointed regulators at the PUC and the state Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources to reopen its Aliso Canyon facility.


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