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A note for each of our pitchers


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Weaver needs to come back soon. Please.



Wilson's been good in his four last starts, but he's not throwing enough innings. He's getting behind in too many counts, walking too many guys. Quick GB outs are your bread and butter. Stop trying to nibble at the corners and get ground ball outs. 


Blanton's first three starts were awful. Then his next one was okay, he was a little lucky. His last two have been good. The difference? He gave up 6 Home runs in three starts, then one in the three since. He walks none, but gives up two many hits for my taste. Keep the ball down. 


Vargas was great in his last two starts, poor in the one in Minnesota, then bad luck in the one in Oakland, and maybe could've got through the inning that Jepsen destroyed. In Texas he was good. In his three good starts, he's had more strikeouts, more flyballs. In the two bad ones, he was allowing more groundball hits. Stay with what you did last time in Seattle. Minnesota wasn't all your fault as it was below 40 degrees for part of that game. Stay strong.


Hanson was pretty great in three of his four starts actually. In the game he didn't do well, he gave up HR, but was basically a little unlucky. He needs to go a little deeper into games, but otherwise keep doing what you've been doing.


Richards needs to be the guy he was against Detroit at home, and against Houston. In his start against Oakland and Seattle, he was too hittable. Better off with him in the pen, when Weaver returns.


Williams should be commended for his work. He's done pretty darn well, with one game where he's done poorly. Instead of going to guys like Roth and Carpenter, maybe Williams should get more work in early innings.


Burnett needs to come back soon and be the guy we thought you were going to be.


Frieri, what were you doing last year that you're not doing this year? Too many hittable balls mean runs scored in close and late situations. Three runs isn't a lot, but it's meant at least two losses.


Downs…look at 2011 game tape and figure out what's been going wrong. Too many late leads or close games blown. 


Roth, we're sorry about the emergency start. You're work in the pen has been good. Keep it up.


De La Rosa, we like what you've been doing. Should be the 8th inning guy against righties.


Lowe…you looked great, then awful. Stay on the DL until you can get guys out.


Jepsen…see above.


Kohn…at least you don't let anyone on base. Stay healthy.


Maronde…maybe stay in the minors as a starter. Working in the pen isn't working out too good.


Brasier…tough luck man, but it's not a big deal. Shake it off.


Enright…Maybe as an emergency starter? Maybe otherwise enjoy SLC life.


Carpenter…keep the ball down. You've been way too hittable.


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